Blood Ceremony

Blood Ceremony
Lucas Gadke (Bass), Michael Carrillo (Drums [since 2012]), Sean Kennedy (Guitar [since 2006]), Alia O'Brien (Vocals, Flute), Chris Landon (Bass), Andrew Haust (Drums), Jeremy Finkelstein (Drums)

BLOOD CEREMONY's distinct style of flute-tinged witch rock evolves from an infernal marriage of occult-inspired acid folk and vintage hard-rock riffing.

After a mind-numbing study of hundreds of trashy witchcraft films, the group began to pour their energies into crafting songs, transforming their fascination for horror into a profane musical vision. Their sound bears witness to the heavy bands of yesteryear, fusing progressive rock elements with folk and an early '70s downer vibe.

Invoking the mischievous Pipes of Pan, Blood Ceremony songs are distinguished by singer Alia O'Brien's flute solos - accenting an instrument long-associated with a list of devilish figures. A celebration of Euro-horror, '60s saturnalia and occult miscellanea, BLOOD CEREMONY, their debut album, was mixed by Billy Anderson and released by Rise Above in 2008 to enthusiastic reviews.

In 2009, Blood Ceremony completed a successful European tour supporting Brit doom legends Electric Wizard. LIVING WITH THE ANCIENTS, Blood Ceremony's sophomore album, expanded the group's dark and regal sound with a heavy dose of vintage organ, gritty guitars and stirring flute harmonies.

The album was recorded in Chicago by Sanford Parker. With LIVING WITH THE ANCIENTS, the band continued its journey through the mire of ancient occultism and flute-infused downer rock.

The album was released on March 1, 2011. Since the release of LIVING WITH THE ANCIENTS, Blood Ceremony has performed twice at the prestigious Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland.

In the fall of 2011, they completed their first headline tour of Europe culminating in a performance at the Hammer of Doom VI Festival in Wurzburg, Germany. In 2012 they supported Sweden's GHOST on the highly successful "13 Dates of Doom" North American tour.

After performing at the celebrated NOCTIS V Festival in Calgary, the band enclosed themselves within a dank, tomb-like chamber to begin preparations for a third Blood Ceremony album. Recorded and mixed by producer Ian Blurton and mastered by Canadian recording legend Nick Blagona (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN), THE ELDRITCH DARK is a full-length paean to the darker corners of folklore and legend. Containing eight tracks of black magic rock 'n' roll, the album crackles with the excitement of a nocturnal ritual. Tales of witch-cult gatherings in wooded glens, pacts made in torch-lit abbeys and Victorian magic are accompanied by vintage-style hard rock riffs, snaking bass lines and killer flute melodies.

THE ELDRITCH DARK also sees the band exploring a folksier side of their sound; most evident in the hymn-like "Lord Summerisle" and the murderous folk-rock epic, "Ballad Of The Weird Sisters". Nineteenth-century sorcerer Oliver Haddo makes a return appearance in the riff-hypnotic album closer "The Magician". THE ELDRITCH DARK was released via Rise Above Records/Metal Blade in May, 2013, to great response from both critics and fans alike. In the wake of its release, the band joined KYLESA on a six-week North American tour.

After co-headlining Rise Above Records' 25th anniversary show in London, UK, the band released a 7" titled LET IT COME DOWN. Following this, the band completed a highly successful month-long headline European tour in May 2014. In 2016, the band released their most accomplished recording yet, LORD OF MISRULE.

Recorded 100% analog at London's Toe Rag studio by producer Liam Watson, LORD OF MISRULE contains the best elements of Blood Ceremony's musical formula. The release of their fourth album was followed by two headline European tours, including festival appearances at Desertfest (London), Muskelrock, Rockhard Germany, Psycho Las Vegas, and Hellfest Open Air..


Heavy riffs, paranoia-inducing trills and '70s fills!