Blood Cult

Blood Cult
Reverend J.R. Preston (aka Alcoholonomicon, aka Rev) (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard Enbilulugugal, Tjolgtjar, Bloodwoods, MMFHL, Roadkill Sodomizer, Xexyz, ex-The Phibbes Experiment), Justin H. (Bass MRA), Lewy Hackett (Drums Fuckmeister, Purple Smoke), Minister Phibbes (Bass ex-The Phibbes Experiment), Matt Zelinski (Guitar session member, Bloodwoods, ex-Woodland's Edge), Brother Blood (Drums), Ted (Guitar MMFHL)

The only redneck black metal band in the west.

Started 1994 under different band name. Went through line-ups with J.R. Preston being the only constant member. Became a way better band around 2002 when Justin Hackett joined with Lewy Hackett and J.R. Preston. Released an entire slew stew of demos, tape and cd-r albums. First time anyone cared was 2001 with the Ayohuhisdi record and we became noticed in Malaysia. 2004- 2011 appeared in Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance magazines. Recorded first "true" full-length "We Who Walk Behind the Rows" on now forgotten Rusty Axe Records and a split cd with Enbilulugugal "Blood Cult vs. Enbilulugugal" on same label and then prepared their next record "We Are The Cult of the Plains" and got signed to Moribund Cult Records in 2010. Disbanded in the year 2014 due to J.R. Preston not caring any more. 1994-2014 Fuck Off

Redneck Black Metal