Blood Label

Blood Label
Alexander Kjeldsen (Guitar The Burning (DK), ex-Dawn of Demise, ex-Afskum), Nikolaj Poulsen (Bass ex-Afskum), Bastian Thusgaard (Drums ex-Afskum), Kenneth Klitte Jensen (Vocals ex-Afskum), Jesper Jakobse (Guitar), Morten Moller (Guitar ex-Afskum), Soren Kjeldsen (Vocals ex-Afskum), Troels Lund (Drums ex-Afskum)

The young Danes in Blood Label have with countless shows over the years earned themselves a reputation in their home country of being a fiercely intense live act, and with a fresh and genre-defying approach to metal music, manifested their belonging among the leading talents of the underground Danish metal scene. Blood Label debuted in 2011 with the release of the ominous-sounding EP “Existence Expires”, which led the way for the band to make numerous successful appearances at clubs, venues and small-time festivals all over their native Denmark.

In 2014 Blood Label released their debut full-length “Skeletons”, produced by legendary, Danish producer Tue Madsen, and subsequently secured a number of support slots for fellow Danes and childhood heroes Hatesphere. Fusing the immense energy of extreme metal with the more melodic qualities of rock, the Danish quintet delivers powerful metallic anthems packed with intense, hook-ridden vocals, catchy riffing and machinegun drumming.

Lyrics spilling over the with bile and firsthand frustration, gives the band’s music a highly personal power of expression, which only adds fuel to the fire for the ever-increasing local following, Blood Label has gained through the years with their potent blend of contemporary metal. .