Blood Red Fog

Blood Red Fog
B.R.F (Vocals, All instruments)

Blood Red Fog was born in 2004 when the first songs were composed.

First demo was recorded in the spring of 2005. This demo and a rehearsal tape recorded soon after lead to a deal with Finnish label Grievantee who released the first full lenght album in 2006.

After this release the band has released several splits, a mini album Radiating Desolation, two tape eps and a second full lenght Harvest. In 2014 the band released it's third full lenght On Death's Wings on Finnish label Saturnal Records. The band started out as a solo project and the first releases were recorded solely by B.R.F.

For the second full lenght two session members were recruited to handle the drum, solo guitar, clean vocal and bass duties. After this release the band has consisted of a full line up, with only a few exeptions. Blood Red Fog plays melancholic, mid tempo black metal inspired by bands like Burzum, Mutiilation, Drudkh, Satanic Warmaster and Horna.

For non-musical inspiration, Death and its different ways of manifestation in the world, is the most influential. Discography: Demo I - Tape, cd 2005 S/T album - 2LP, cd 2006 Split w/ Musta Kappeli - 7" 2007 Radiating Desolation - mLP, mcd 2008 Split w/ Funerary Bell - mLP, mcd 2009 Split w/ Verge - cd 2010 Split w/ Cosmic Church - cd 2011 Death Cult I & II - Tape, cd, LP 2012 & 2013 Harvest - cd 2012 .

Black metal