Blood Red Throne

Blood Red Throne
Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen (Vocals [since 2011], Grimfist, ex-Concussion, ex-Goddamn), Ole Bent Madsen (Bass [since 2011], Horizon Ablaze), Daniel "Død" Olaissen (Guitar [since 1998], Cobolt 60, Zerozonic, ex-Satyricon, ex-Scariot, ex-Trioxin (NOR)), Ivan "Meathook" Gujic (Guitar [since 2010], Neongod, ex-Brutal Massacre), Freddy Bolsø (Drums [1998-2002] [since 2013], ex-Enslaved (NOR), ex-Scariot), Espen Antonsen (Drums [2002-2004], The Sickening, ex-Likorm, ex-Slagmark), Flemming "Mr. Hustler" Gluch (Vocals [2000-2005], Cobolt 60, ex-Trioxin (NOR)), Anders Kobro (Drums [2005-2007], Carpathian Forest, Chain Collector, Neongod, ex-Green Carnation, ex-Scariot), Emil Wiksten (Drums [2010-2013], Aeon (SWE), Fetus Stench, ex-Insidious Disease, ex-Slaughterous), Ronny Thorsen (Vocals [2000]), Erlend Caspersen (Bass [1998-2011], Spawn Of Possession, ex-Decrepit Birth, ex-Deeds Of Flesh, ex-Hideous Deformity, ex-The Allseeing I, ex-Trioxin (NOR), ex-Vile), Anders Haave (Drums [2007-2010], ex-Ground Zero System, ex-In Vain (NOR)), Bernt A. Moen (Drums [2004-2005]), Terje Vik "Tchort" Schei (Guitar [1998-2010], Green Carnation, ex-Carpathian Forest, ex-Emperor, ex-Satyricon), Osvald "Vald" Egeland (Vocals [2005-2011], ex-Goatlord, ex-Trioxin (NOR))

Norwegian kings of death metal, BLOOD RED THRONE, celebrates 21 years in the scene and have released their 9th album "FIT TO KILL" together with new-signed Danish label Mighty Music. The band was formed by still active member, Daniel "Død" Olaisen, when he was in Satyricon in the 90's.

Original drummer, Freddy «Fred the Shred» Bolsø, returned in 2013, joining guitarist Ivan "Meathook" Gujic and vocalist Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen who have been with the band since 2010/11. Latest adition to the stage is young and talented Stian «Gunner» Gundersen on bass from 2019. BLOOD RED THRONE is known for their energetic and connecting live-shows and has toured many parts of the world the last 18 years.

Both as headliners but also supporting bands like Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Suffocation, name a few. Also crushing metalfests like Wacken, Hellfest, Bloodstock, 70.000 Tons of Metal, Brutal Assault and Inferno with great reviews. .

BLOOD RED THRONE plays death metal!

Kings of Norwegian death metal!��