Blood Storm

Blood Storm
Chris "Mezzadurus" Gamble (Vocals, Guitar Absu, ex-Ancient Rite, sex-Goreaphobia), Chuck "Deyaxulgaat" Sherwood (Bass Incantation), Mac Crionna (Drums Darkest Grove, Vyrolakos), Axarcuth (Guitar), Nexarulhu (Bass), Telor Coraxo (Drums Krieg, Namtaru, Perverseraph)

Blood Storm was forged under the dragonstar in the fall of 1994 by Chris G.

Mezzadurus. It was the 1st primordial obsession for the very strong occult concepts and magical operations in the nightside of the forbidden sciences, and...most critically, for the devotion to the pure raw, extreme, and cut throat musical nihilism that this wasteful human planet has ever experienced!!! BLACK DEATHRASHING METAL!!!!! So with the beginning of Blood Storm's firey birth it was to always bring forth the outer gateways curse of the death devouring vortex to be burned into the ears of humanity worldwide! Mezzadurus' vision of Blood Storm was heavily influenced by the more 80's conceptual extreme metal artists: CELTIC FROST and VOI VOD.

To the volcanic raw energy of VENOM and MOTORHEAD. And to the most nightmarish and blackend death metal extreme: NECROVORE, INCUBUS (Florida), and PENTAGRAM (Chile).

Hence forth Blood Storm remains passionate in this creation from the beginning! The 1st gate of Blood Storm was the official public release of the 1995 "Iron Flames Of Battle" demo, and the succeeding year the highly acclaimed attack of the 1996 demo "Death By The Stormwizard" which then lead Blood Storm to boundless heights of support and enthusiastic interest in the extreme metal underground. In that same year, Blood Storm performed at the Milwaukee Metal Fest that had paramount response with the crowd.

that it lead to numerous and successful metal fest appearances and 2 north american tours that gained higher and stronger support and following. Blood Storm was now looked upon as a strong and uncompromising assault of black deathrashing sonic torment! They appeared in even more respected major and extreme underground magazines, radio programs, and more extreme live cult gatherings, such as the Infamous San Antonio Black Metal "Sacrifice Of The Nazarene Child" Fests!! Within the timeline coming up to 20 years! and still going blacker and deeper into the obscure occult concepts, along with the uncompromising black deathrashing path of sirian sonic metal, Blood Storm has released a mighty assembly of albums, comps, live, split releases, video, and tributes.

Over the years, Blood Storm have left thier mark of destruction and Paragon extreme musical sorcery worldwide! Which continued the success that has fortunately gained Blood Storm a stronger fan base and respect from many in the metal community. Now in the present time of 2013, Blood Storm are looking forward to expanding their aggressive metal necromancy by consistently recording new music and other releases to further carry on the pure ideas and the unrelenting power of occult extreme metal art to pass throughout the cold flesh of space, to Sirius, to Yuggoth, To the realms of human consciousness! "So Until The Primal Chaos.....................ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!" Official Discography: "Iron Flames Of Battle" - Demo 1 1995 Dragon Spell "Death By The Storm Wizard" - Demo 2 1996 Dragon Spell "The Atlantean Wardragon" - Cacophonous Records 1997 "Death By The Stormwizard/IronFlames Of Battle" - (Demo remastered- re-release on CD) Nightfall Records 1998 "In Howls Of Pain And Fury" - (Live soundboard cassette release) Chanatholop Creations 1998 "An Attack Of Sonic Torment" - (Split release w/Moria) 12" Vinyl HellFlame Prod.

1999 "Pestilence From The Dragonstar" - SoulSold Records 1999 "In The Sign Of the Horns" (Venom Tribute) - Dwell Records 2000 "American Black Metal Assault" (Compilation) - Infinite Darkness Records 2000 "Visions Of the Soothsayer" (Official video release) - Metal War Productions 2001 "Ancient Wraith Of KU" Metal War Productions 2001 "Sirian Storm" - Necroharmonic Records 2005 "Qliphothic Necromancy" (Band Compilation) - MCB Entertainment 2005 “Alive In The Sirian Death Raid” (Official Video Release) – Pagan Flames Productions 2006 “2007 Demo” (Self Release – Demo) “Ancient Entities Arise” – (Split release w/ Abazagorath) – Elegy Records 2008 .

Philadelphia, PA's cult black/thrash necromancers Blood Storm, summoning forth their own vision of occult extreme metal and lyrical concepts.

Yuggothian Black/Death/Thrash Metal; Est. 1994