Blood Tsunami

Blood Tsunami
Peter "Bosse" Boström (Vocals, Bass), Peter "Pete" Michael Kolstad Vegem (Vocals, Guitar), Bård "Faust" Eithun (Drums Zyklon, Aborym , Scum, ex-Emperor, ex-Thorns), Kristoffer "Dor" Sørensen (Guitar), Stu Manxx (Bass), Jay (Drums), Riff Randall (Bass)

Thrash metal death squad from Oslo, Norway! .

Back in 2004, Peter Vegem had spent the last years of the 90's and the beginning of the new century fronting his band Hellride, but time had come to leave punkrock behind and start doing what he had always wanted to do; Thrash like a maniac! He gathered some friends and formed Blood Tsunami. Dor (Kristoffer Sørensen) joined on the second guitar and has since then been a permanent member of the band. After a rotten, unfocused demo, recorded in 2004, and a few line up changes, Blood Tsunami found the right drummer. Faust (Bård G. Eithun, x Emperor, Aborym) was the perfect man for the job and Blood Tsunami recorded their second demo in 2005. This demo secured them a deal with Candlelight Records/Nocturnal Art Production, and the debut album, boldly entitled "Thrash Metal", was released in 2007. The album received critical acclaim from the metal press around the world and Blood Tsunami toured Norway and the UK, along with some rampant "blitzkrieg" shows in Italy and Denmark. Things was looking good, but the band was not satisfied with the production of their debut album, so when they entered the studio again in 2008 they had a clear vision for their sophomore album. "Grand Feast For Vultures" was released in April 2009 and this album beats the crap out the debut. It displayed a more mature band with more confidence, more energy, better songs and instead of singing about hell, satan and fictional death, the lyrics now included personal issues like alcoholism, inner demons and depression. As "Godbeater" was on the debut album, "Horsehead Nebula" was this album's monolith. A massive instrumental track that grabs the listener by the troath and throws you head first into a world of mindblowing riffs and spinebending time signatures. "Grand Feast For Vultures" was the highlight for Blood Tsunami so far, but darkness was lurking in the distance... Unfortunately, but because of finacial problems and lack of support from their label, Blood Tsunami lost a spot on a full European tour during the summer of 2009 together with Absu and Nachtmystium. Shortly after this blow, their bassplayer, Peter "Bosse" Boström, suddenly decided to leave the band. This left the three remaining members rather puzzled and uninspired. During this summer of defeat, they started to fool around with a new band. At first just intented to be some sort of holiday fun, but it soon became a rather time consuming occupation. This band was called, of all things, Mongo Ninja, and during 12 months they toured relentlessly and released three full lenght albums of pure punkmetal madness through Indie Recordings. Eventually they started to miss Blood Tsunami and began contemplating upon the tempting thought of combining the two bands, musically speaking... Three of five Mongo Ninja members was already Blood Tsunami members, so it wouldn't be a very difficult task. All they had to do was to take the punk from Mongo Ninja and breed it with the metal of Blood Tsunami. Another big change in the new Blood Tsunami material is the lyrical content. During the intense year dedicated to Mongo business, Peter began to write lyrics that dealt with topics from real life. "Fiction becomes boring after a while, at least when reality is way more shocking than anything fiction can ever provide". True crime stories is one of the favourite topics, but also stories about people, who not necessarily can be called lucky or happy, seems to intrigue the guys. All of this is now incorporated in Blood Tsunami. Can't blame them, but Candlelight lost interest in Blood Tsunami during the two year hiatus and decided to let them go. Blood Tsunami shrugged their shoulders and went out looking for a new permanent bassplayer. The right man was waiting just around the corner. Carl "Calle" Janfalk stepped in and fulfilled the line up. Shortly after, "the brand new" Blood Tsunami entered Midrange Studios in Oslo and together with engineerer Anders Henningsen they rapidly recorded 6 new songs. This is a demo recording, but it will for sure let you know what Blood Tsunami sounds like in 2012. The new songs are shorter, harder and faster than anything they have done before. Stripped for all dead weight and cut straight to the bone. Those of you who are familiar with earlier Blood Tsunami releases will also notice that the lead vocals are very different from what they used to be. A collective decision was made, during the recording session, that it was time for Peter to leave the high pitched screaming behind and go forth with full force like he did back in the days of Hellride. This added the final touch of brutality and aggression. Now, listen for yourself and prepare to get serverely beaten. This is Blood Tsunami anno 2012: Carl Janfalk: Bass and Backing Vocals Bård G. Eithun: Drums and Backing Vocals Kristoffer Sørensen: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals Peter Vegem: Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar