Les Carlsen (Vocals), Paul Jackson (Guitar), Oz Fox (Guitar Stryper), David McKay (Keyboard), Michael Bloodgood (Bass), Mark Welling (Drums), Jeffrey McCormack (Drums Heir Apparent, Nightshade), J.T. Taylor (Drums), Kevin Whistler (Drums ex-Watchmen), David Huff (Drums), David Zaffiro (Guitar), Tim Heintz (Keyboard)

The music and mission of BLOODGOOD has been a vital stepping stone and a driving force in the maturing process of Christian Metal since their 1986 self-titled debut release.

Their platinum-selling sophomore record Detonation strengthened the band’s signature style of theatrics, power and emotion; staples that would solidify their place in rock music history. Since 1986, BLOODGOOD's music has been released in various formats all over the world. Classic albums and DVDs include: Metal Missionaries EP (1985) Bloodgood (1986) Detonation (1987) Rock In A Hard Place (1988) Out Of The Darkness (1989) Alive in America CD/VHS (1990) Shakin' the World CD/VHS (1990) The Collection (1991) All Stand Together (1991) To Germany With Love (1993) Rock Theater 2-Disc DVD (2002) Live In Norway DVD (2007) Metal Missionaries 25th Anniversary Edition (2010) Bloodgood Re-Mastered (2011) Detonation Re-Mastered (2011) Dangerously Close (2013) Detonation Special Edition (2019) Oz Fox (Stryper) joined the BLOODGOOD lineup in 2007 as a full-fledged band member and songwriting collaborator alongside staple songwriters Michael Bloodgood, Les Carlsen, and Paul Jackson.

In 2010, BLOODGOOD was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame for their important contributions to the music industry thus far. For a complete history of the band, please visit their official website: BLOODGOOD's latest album, Detonation Special Edition, DANGEROUSLY CLOSE, and other releases available now!