Lady Kaos (Keyboard ex-Ipsum), Quaoar (Bass Astral Silence), Ardelean (Guitar Fosse, Euclidean, ex-Krigar), Bornyhake (aka Ormenos) (Vocals, Guitar Krigar, Snorre, Gerbophilia, Chokingonbile, Cakewet, Enoid), Mephitik-Ephitik (Bass), Jorgh (Guitar)

Continuously pushing its own limits for the past two decades, Borgne is a powerful machinery spreading mechanical coldness and producing an industrial energy.

Constantly evolving throughout its already released eight albums, the Swiss band has been hammering various stages since 2011, leaving a lasting impression on spectators’ minds. Entwining ethereal melodies and drum machines’ pounding, Borgne will grasp you into abyssal depths. While the albums are a work of multiple atmospheres offering an introspection concept to curious minds, the intense live appearances are a mix of the most powerful tracks creating a surprising furious show..

Discography: BORGNE I 1998 CD (Rotten Vomit Records) BORGNE II 2007 CD (Schwarzmetall Prod) BORGNE III 2007 CD (Occultum Prod) BORGNE 3.5 2008 10MLP (Rotten Vomit Records) BORGNE IV 2009 CD (Sepulchral Productions) ENTRAVES DE L'AME 2010 CD (Sepulchral Productions) BORGNE III 2011 12LP (Profane Wax Rec) TITANIA 2012 CDR 66 copies only (Les Fleurs du Mal Rec) ROYAUME DES OMBRES 2012 CD (Sepulchral Productions) THE RETURN TO THE PAST I&II 2015 DCD (Those Opposed Records) REGNE DES MORTS 2015 CD (Those Opposed Records) TITANIA re-release 2015 TAPE 66 copies only (Rotten Vomit Records) BORGNE I re-release 2018 CDR (Azif Records) [∞] 2018 CD & LP (Avantgarde Music) BORGNE Vinyl Box 2018 (Those Opposed Records)

Industrial black metal from Switzerland since 1998.