Brain Drill

Brain Drill
Dylan Ruskin (Guitar, Bass [since 2005]), Travis Morgan (Vocals [since 2016], Crowned (USA), ex-Atheist, ex-Terrestrial Sphere), Alex Hernandez-Bent (Drums [since 2015], Arkaik, Monumental Torment), Joe Bondra (Drums [2009], live member, Lethean, The Tenth Circle), Andre Cornejo (Vocals [2006], live member, Casket Blaster, Cyanic, ex-Dead Syndicate), Ivan Munguia (Bass [2008-2015], Arkaik, Deconversion, Deeds Of Flesh, Insanity (USA), Vomit Trough, ex-Carnivorous, ex-Odious Mortem), Jeff Hughell (Bass [2005-2008], Jeff Hughell, Reciprocal, Six Feet Under (USA), ex-Cyanic, ex-Mucus Membrane, ex-Osmium, ex-Rings Of Saturn, ex-Vile), Marco Pitruzzella (Drums [2005-2008], Abuse, Anomalous, Neurogenic, Six Feet Under (USA), Vörnagar, ex-Apocrypha, ex-Ritual Hatred, ex-The Faceless, ex-Vile, ex-Vital Remains), Steve Rathjen (Vocals [2005-2016]), Ron Casey (Drums [2009-2015], Being Killed, Inanimate Existence, ex-Flesh Consumed, ex-Rings Of Saturn, ex-Vaginal Discharge)

Formation and The Parasites (2005–2006) Brain Drill was founded in 2005 by Guitarist Dylan Ruskin; originally meant to be a side project[ by guitarist Dylan Ruskin after parting from his main band Burn at the Stake.

Ruskin began searching for and trying out drummers, eventually finding and hiring as a paid studio drummer Marco Pitruzella (former drummer of death metal groups, Vile, Vital Remains, The Faceless, and other extreme metal bands). After a few months of jam sessions, vocalist Steve Rathjen was then recruited by Ruskin and joined the band.

The trio entered Castle Ultimate Studios with producer Zack Ohren and recorded their six-track EP/Demo dubbed The Parasites, during March and May 2006. Soon after the recording, Rathjen left the band and was replaced by former Dead Syndicate singer, Andre Cornejo.Former Vile bassist Jeff Hughell was added to the band as the new and permanent member.

Rathjen then returned to Brain Drill as vocalist again. Apocalyptic Feasting (2007–2009) In a 2007 interview, Cannibal Corpse's bassist, Alex Webster recommended Brain Drill to Metal Blade Records, who signed the band later that year.] The group again entered at Castle Ultimate Studios with producer Zack Ohren; this time to work on their debut full-length, recorded during August 2007. Brain Drill's follow-up to their 2006 EP, Apocalyptic Feasting, was released on February 5, 2008 by Metal Blade. Shortly after the release of Apocalyptic Feasting, both members Marco Pitruzzella and Jeff Hughell left the band due to touring complications.

Based on a statement from Dylan Ruskin that was posted on the group's Myspace profile, it appeared that Brain Drill had split up.] Soon after, the rumors were denied, and the band started looking for a new drummer and bassist. Quantum Catastrophe (2009–2010) Brain Drill entered Castle Ultimate studios with Zack Ohren in December 2009 to record their second album through Metal Blade Records. It was titled Quantum Catastrophe and was released on May 11, 2010.

"Monumental Failure" premiered as streaming media prior to the album's release. A new song, "Beyond Bludgeoned", was released from the new record as the date grew nearer.

A music video was later created for the song and is featured on Comcast on-demand. Boundless Obscenity (2010-present) In 2012 Brain Drill was let go from the label Metal Blade records. In 2015 Vocalist Steve Rathjen and Drummer Ron Casey left the band leaving Guitarist Dylan Ruskin as the only original founding member.

Ruskin then recruited drummer Alex Bent (live drums for Testament,batllecross and Arkaik) as the new and permanent member. Bent quickly picked up the material and both Ruskin and Bent entered castle ultimate studios with producer Zack Ohren to record their 3rd album Boundless Obscenity.

After parting ways with vocalist Steve Rathjen, Ruskin recruited singer Travis Morgan (former touring bassist of the band Atheist) Travis quickly added his vocals to the already recorded instrumentals and Boundless Obscenity was finished and Self Released on July 2nd 2016. Members Current members Dylan Ruskin – guitar (2005–present), bass (2005–2006, 2016–present) Alex Bent – drums (2015–present) Travis Morgan – vocals (2016–present) Former members Marco Pitruzzella – drums (2005–2008) Steve Rathjen – vocals (2005–2006, 2006–2016) Andre Cornejo – vocals (2006) Jeff Hughell – bass guitar (2006–2008) Ivan Munguia – bass guitar (2008–2016) Joe Bondra – drums (2008–2009) Ron Casey – drums (2009–2015) Buy our new album boundless obscenity available for download and physical copies at the following links! to purchase physical copies go here:

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