Bran Barr

Bran Barr
Llyr (Guitar), Fir Doirtche (Guitar Temple Of Baal), Mylgaon Vibuc'h (Bass Heol Telwen), Ahès (Violin), Hadès (Vocals Heol Telwen, Aes Dana), Dubthach Doel Tenga (Drums Nothing Remains), Kraban (Flute Heol Telwen, Nydvind, Inborn Suffering), Brennus (Guitar), Aed Morban (Drums), Nesh Keltorn (Guitar Nydvind, Acromion, Azziard, The Negation), Morrigan (Guitar), Yoltar (Vocals Nydvind, Dedspond, Monolithe, Nunkthul), Amorgen (Folk Instruments Aes Dana), Taliesin (Bass), Fir'Doirtche (Guitar)

BRAN BARR was born in 1995 from a concept elaborated by Aed Morban (drums).

The first solid band line-up took form with Yoltar (vocals and keyboards), Fir Doirtche and Brennus (guitars and choirs). A period of intensive song-writing then began, pronounced by metal and Celtic music.

The arrival of Taliesin (bass) and Amorgen (whistles) in 1998 completed the line-up and enabled the band to get rid of the keyboards, replaced by more authentic sonorities thus reinforcing the BRAN BARR's musical reasoning. The debut album, "Les Chroniques de Naerg", was recorded and self-produced by the band, and was released in April 2000. It presents a music combining extreme metal with acoustic and folkloric sonorities.

BRAN BARR developped there the Celtic dimension with the addition of war pipes, French bombarde and bodhran to its instrumental palette. Inspired by a novel by Aed Morban, the lyrics are the reflection of a fantasy world emerged from the mythology of the pre-Christian Celtic era. "Les Chroniques de Naerg" received a very good response from the underground metal scene, and the first edition sold out quickly.

Re-released in February 2001, BRAN BARR's debut album strikes for its originality and variety in the midst of a scene often judged for being too conservative. In late 2000, the band had to find a new guitar player to replace Brennus who had left for personal reasons... That is how Nesh Keltorn joined the band in November 2000. During 2001, BRAN BARR took part to concerts and pagan metal festivals.

Towards the end of the year, bassist Taliesin decided to part ways with the band. She was instantly replaced by Hades. BRAN BARR then incured a long period of inactivity, due to side projects and various issues to be dealt with. In 2003, BRAN BARR was reinforced by the arrival of Kraban on whistles.

Fir Doirtche decided to leave the band in January 2005 and was replaced by Llyr. 2008 : Ah├Ęs joined the band on violin. 2010 : BRAN BARR's second album, Sidh, is released on Trollzorn Records and is praised by the whole Pagan Metal scene. 2013 : After the departure of Yoltar and Nesh, Hades takes over the lead vocals, and BRAN BARR welcomes Mylgaon Vibuc'h, from HEOL TELWEN on bass. Fir Doirtche rejoins the band on guitar.

BRAN BARR are now composing new tracks for their third album. .

Celtic War Metal