Brutal Rebirth

Brutal Rebirth
Florian Delort (Bass 666 Seconds Of Chaos), Charognard (Drums Charnier), JPierre Battesti (Guitar Monument Of Misanthropy), Rotpiet (Vocals, Guitar Hatred Superstar), Indria (Bass Alcest, Peste Noire), Troma (Bass Hatred Superstar), J'Hell'M (Guitar, Back Vocals Charnier), Max (Drums), Darkhyrys (Guitar Diamond Eyed Princess, Hegemon, Bloodshed), Thibaud Monflier (Guitar)

During the summer of 2007, in a land of the south of France, a crushing and unhealthy horde was born, a dark soul come from another time to dump its anger upon the world; it was called Brutal Rebirth.

A man, whose youth was cradled by a marvelous uncluttered and radical metal, managed to raise this old school death metal storm... Since the beginning, indeed, Rotpiet composes the band’s spirit, its crushing hammering souls riffs, full of hate and darkness. Balance between an old school sound and the modern strength gives to Brutal Rebirth the power to be a band on its own, which delights young novices as well as old extreme backpackers.

Rotpiet quickly raised a line-up along with Troma (Bass) and Max (Drums). From that point, 10 songs were composed and eventually gave birth to "Hate Over All", released in September 2008 via Trendkill Recordings, produced at the famous Drüdenhaus studio by Patric "Darkhyrys" Guiraud assisted by Xort.

This first assault was primitive, hammering, with no concessions; made of pure death metal. It received a certain success in the old school scene and among the youngest amateurs as well.

Changes occured with the respective arrivals of Charognard (Charnier) on drums, Indria (ex Peste Noire) to replace Troma on bass, and Darkhyrys (Diamond Eyed Princess and Hegemon) on guitars. The last one marked a new step for the band, adding even more twisted arrangements and soli.

The second album "Death Row", produced at the Drüdenhaus too but engineered this time by Xort, has been released in September 2010 (and is still available) through Trendkill Recordings, even mightier and darker ! A promise which did not disappoint all extreme metal fans. The band is also recognizable in live sets.

Their work has been appreciated during a lot of concerts; the most memorable were shared with Napalm Death, Immolation, Grave, Belphegor, Nile, Entombed, Macabre... Once again some changes were to happen ; a new bassist named Florian Delort went on to replace Indria in May 2011, as well as Thibaud Monflier, filling up on guitar duties to replace Darkhyrys in June 2013. The band entered the Drüdenhaus Studio again in July 2013 in order to record their 3rd album. December 2013 : BR announces the coming of a new guitarist ! JPierre Battesti will enforce the warmachine to bring victory on the battlefield !!! A new chapter is written ! The new album "FROM DESPOTISM TO CHAOS" is now available since february, 28, 2014 ! A new lesson of pure old school death metal made of dark, brutal and fast songs !!! Once again prepare to all be doomed... Brutal Rebirth is now ready to devastate everything on its way, to show the whole world that Old School Death Metal is alive, darker and angrier than ever!!! Some news coming soon...


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