Florin Ţibu (aka Crivăţ) (Vocals, Guitar [since 2000], ex-Ackeron, ex-Tehenet, ex-Vena Cava), Bogdan Mihu (aka Vifor) (Drums [since 2000], Gebeleizis, ex-Cortejo Funebre, ex-Vena Cava), Jorge Augusto Coan (Bass [since 2013]), Bogdan Luparu (Vocals, Guitar [since 2000], Piatra, ex-Stih), Manuel Giugula (Keyboard [2008-2013], GOD (ROU)), Tudor Beks (Bass ex-Spirit (ROU)), Vlad Datcu (Bass [2010-2013], ex-Ashaena, ex-Rotten Remains, ex-Vile Obsession), Paolo Cito Caminha (Bass Morito Ergo Sum, ex-Blood of My Soul, ex-Vena Cava), Augustin Abiţei (Bass ex-Ackeron, ex-Tehenet, ex-Piatra, ex-Vena Cava)

Folk, heavy and black, mountains and magic, old lore, our country, our history and your listening pleasure.

Seems enough..

One of Romania's most prominent metal bands.

Romania's most prominent metal band, founded in September 2000, going even stronger after all these years.