Burning Saviours

Burning Saviours
Erigui Svedberg (Guitar Morbidity), Jonas Hartikainen (Guitar), Mikael Marjanen (Vocals, Guitar Goat Skull Ritual, ex-Whyte Ash), Martin Wijkström (Drums), Fredrik Evertsson (Bass), Andreas Eriksson (Guitar ex-Whyte Ash), Andrei Amartinesei (Vocals, Guitar), Henry Pyykkö (Guitar ex-Whyte Ash), Fredrik Andersson (Vocals, Flute)

Burning Saviours was summoned back in 2003 by the Riff Lords Of Doom to be stationed in the city of Örebro, Sweden. With heavy riffs, dark lyrics and a very seventies-esque sound, Burning Saviours still payes tribute to the old heavy bands of the 1960's and 1970's. During 2017 Burning Saviours had a major line-up change.

The only original member left is the founding doom father Mikael Monks. The line-up change has made Burning Saviours even heavier and more true to the old school sounding doom scene.

During 2018 they will release their sixth beast upon the world called "death"..

1970's retro sounding doom band from Örebro/Sweden. Formed 2003. Now more "sludgy".