Burnt By The Sun

Burnt By The Sun
Nick Hale (Guitar [since 2007], ex-Premonitions Of War), Teddy Patterson III (Bass [since 1999], ex-Hayaino Daisuki, ex-Gridlink, ex-Human Remains, ex-War Chalking), Dave Witte (Drums [1999-2004], [since 2007], Municipal Waste, Birds Of Prey, ex-Redrum (USA), ex-Discordance Axis, ex-Melt Banana, ex-Human Remains, ex-Exit-13), Mike Olender (Vocals [1999-2004], [since 2007], ex-Endeavor, ex-NORA, ex-For The Love Of...), John Adubato (Guitar [since 1999], ex-Time's Up, ex-Black Army Jacket), Paul Miller (Guitar [2001], ex-Human Remains, ex-El-Ahrairah), Aaron Wolff (Vocals [2004-2005], [2009-2011], live member, ex-The End (CAN)), Chris Rascio (Guitar [2000-2001], ex-Time's Up), Brandon Thomas (Drums [2004-2005], ex-Ripping Corpse, ex-The Dying Light, ex-Dim Mak, ex-The Uglies), Nate Johnson (Vocals [2005], ex-Fit For An Autopsy, ex-Through The Eyes Of The Dead, ex-Deadwater Drowning, ex-Premonitions Of War, ex-Since The Flood, ex-The Final Battle)

Burnt By the Sun has returned with the staggering new and final album Heart of Darkness.

Heart of Darkness clearly stands head and shoulders above the band's renowned catalogue. Every aspect of this legendary band has been pushed to the limit: crushing riffs rain down like cement blocks, drums explode like gunfire and strident vocals howl against a modern dystopian society that besets us all, echoing the music's sonic sentiment.

Heart of Darkness is both the heaviest Burnt By The Sun record, and stacked with the band's most memorable songs to date such as Inner Station, Cardiff Giant, Rust | Future Primitive, and The Great American Dream Machine. Burnt By the Sun saved their best for last.


'Heart Of Darkness’ available now via Relapse Records

Buy at Relapse: http://bit.ly/BurntByTheSunStore / iTunes: http://bit.ly/BurntByTheSuniTunes