Mero (Vocals [since 2000]), Hugore (Drums [since 2000], Disgorge, Putrefact, Anarchus (MEX), ex-Metralla), Giovani Durán (Vocals [2001-2002], live member, Waste Mankind), Taro (Guitar live member, died 03/10/2009 (car accident)), Toñothe (Bass live member), Mark (Guitar, Bass)


[karn] Carne is a Sludge/Noise band from Lyon, France. We are 2 and we play loud... Modern Rituals is released by Shove Records (IT), Poutrage Records (FR), Vox Project (FR), Dingleberry Records (DE), No Way Asso (FR), Ker Mess Noar (FR) and Drown Within Records (IT). Ville Morgue, is out on Solar Flare (FR), No Way Asso (FR) and Nooirax (SP).

Sludge / Noise -