Cannabis Corpse

Cannabis Corpse
Josh Hall (Drums), Brent Pergason (Guitar), Philip Hall (Vocals, Guitar, Bass Municipal Waste), Nick Poulus (Guitar Parasytic, ex-Byam Klavor), Andy Horn (Vocals Battlemaster)

Cannabis Corpse was founded by Landphil and Hallhammer in the summer of 2006.

The band was a heart felt tribute to smoking pot and the most brutal band in the universe CANNIBAL CORPSE! The original demo “Blunted at Birth” was recorded in the kitchen of a shit hole apt. in “Oregon Hill” a small neighborhood in Richmond VA. Discography: 2006 - Blunted at Birth (Forcefield Records) 2008 - Tube of the Resinated (Forcefield Records) 2009 - The Weeding EP (Tankcrimes) 2011 - Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise (Tankcrimes) 2014-From Wisdom To Baked.

Currently signed to the independent label, Season of Mist, Cannabis Corpse are a death metal band based out of Richmond, Virginia.

Weed-themed Death Metal from Richmond, VA