Cantata Sangui

Cantata Sangui
Juha Vilhunen (Bass), Hanna Sirola (Back Vocals, Keyboard), Kari Husa (Vocals), Tuomas Tunturituuli (Bass, Back Vocals), Black Bolton (Drums Enochian Crescent, One Orphan More), Suvi (Vocals Vanguard), Anna Pienimäki (Vocals), Otto (Drums), Topi Aarnio (Bass), Mia (Vocals), Taivo Sarapik (Keyboard), Mika A.A. Hyytinen (Vocals, Bass Enochian Crescent)

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mus. noun. A musical composition, often using a sacred text, comprising recitatives, arias, and choruses.

In daily use simply a song. Sangui lat. noun. Blood, the liquid body part of vertebrates.

Fluid consisting of plasma, blood cells, and platelets. A humor in terms of medieval physiology and a frequent religious metaphor for life. Cantata Sangui An avant-garde approach gothic/ black/ doom metal band with guitar parts played by variety of four, five and twelve string bass guitars.

Originally formed as a two bass guitars and drums fusion music trio, that eventually reformed as a more gothic/metal group. .