Carnal Decay

Carnal Decay
Nasar (Bass), Isa Iten (Guitar), Markus Röthlisberger (Drums Defaced (CH), Omnicide (CH), ex-Trigger Tones), Michael Kern (Vocals), Gabriel P. Von Recher (Guitar), Sandro Lattmann (Drums), René Barthoulot (Vocals Slamentation, ex-Cropment, ex-Carnal Decay)

Carnal Decay Bio 2018 Isas chainsaw-riffing combined with Basti’s blasting drums underlined with Nasar’s basslines and garnished with Michael’s growling is what makes Carnal Decay’s hate-driven Deathmetal. The band released 4 full-length Albums called : YOU OWE YOU PAY (2017, Rising Nemesis Records Germany), ON TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN (2011, Sevared Records USA), CHOPPING OFF THE HEAD (2008, Fastbeast Entertainment SUI), CARNAL PLEASURES (2006, Fastbeast Entertainment SUI), which are all selling very well. Carnal Decay is an absolute live-Powerhouse which catches you in seconds and makes you want to start a pit immediately.

They’ve been able to play stages nearly all over Europe, in Mexico, the USA, Russia and more on tours with bands as Malignancy (USA), Katalepsy (RUS) Beheaded (MLT), Vomit God (USA), Devour the Unborn (USA), Despondency (GER), Rottenness (MEX), Prophecy (USA) and Covenance (USA), Acranius (GER), Analepsy (POR) just to name a few. Several Club-Shows and Festivals like Obscene Extreme (CZE), NRW Deathfest (GER), Mountains of Death (SUI), Central Illinois Metalfest (USA), Houten Deathfest (NED), Extremefest (GER/SUI/AUT), Las Vegas Deathfest (USA), Tel Aviv Deathfest (ISR), Malta Deathfest (MLT), Berlin Deathfest (GER), UK Slamfest, Mehsuff Metalfestival (SUI)… showed the band a couple of times that they’re on the right way doing what they love to do! In December 2017 Carnal Decay was at Kohlekeller Studio (Benighted, Aborted, Crematory…) to record another 3 Songs for a 7-inch which will be released at the 20th of July 2018 through : Rising Nemesis Records, UKEM, Nice to Eat you Records, Pathologically Explicit Recordings, Sevared Records, Brutal Mind and Fat Tub of Lard Records !!!! For live Shows check our official Facebook Site : In the meantime you can check out Carnal Decay’s Links here : Lyric Video for „Food For Thought“ 2018 Scott Rudd Films Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Merch Store: Music Download: Bandcamp: iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: .

Switzerlands most aggressive deathmetal !!!!

New EP Vinyl Only!!!! WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE relesed July 20th 2018