Carnivore Diprosopus

Carnivore Diprosopus
Sander Bermúdez (Drums Ethereal (COL), Doppel Gänger), Santiago (Bass), Oscar Macias (Vocals), Daniel Paz (Guitar), Diego Hoyos (Drums), Juan Pablo Ramirez (Guitar)

Colombian Brutal Death Metal since 2002 !!! 2002.

Creation and the beginning of the Brutal Death Metal band Carnivore Diprosopus by Oscar Macias “Mr. Oscarnivore” (Vocalist) in the city of Bogota - Colombia.

Recording and release of the first Demo-CD "Tortured Nymphomaniac." 2003. Recording and release of the second Demo-CD "Sick Nurse”, First live concert with the legendary band Purulent. The band is signed by the Colombian label "Gore & Blood Productions" for the first album. 2004 Recording, production and release of the first professional album entitled “Filled my stomach with a pregnant’s corpse” under label Gore & Blood Productions.

The album is officially released in the “Bogota Grind Death Fest III” with the band Disgorge (Mex). 2005 Carnivore Diprosopus is part of the compilation cd "A Bombardment From The Southern Paradise" made by the Czech Republic label Mutilated Records, this compilation brings together the best exponents of Death Metal of Colombia in 2005.The band is signed by the Spanish label "Dan 's Crypt Records " for the second album. 2006 Recording, production and release of the second professional album entitled "Madhouse’s macabre acts" under label Dan’s Crypt Records. The German zine "Guttural Zine" select the album "Madhouse's macabre acts" as one of the top 10 albums of Brutal Death Metal in 2006. 2007 Carnivore Diprosopus shared a magnificent show, unique in Bogota Colombia with the powerful American band Dying Fetus.

Recording, production and release of the first professional video clip HQ "Electrotherapy" by Omega Producciones. The label Gore & Blood Productions release the reissue of the first album “Filled my stomach with a pregnant’s corpse”. 2008 Carnivore Diprosopus made the trip to Europe from Colombia and we settled in Madrid - Spain.

Europe welcomes the band in 2 big shows, Switzerland in the open air fest “Mountains of Death" and Germany in “Ludwigshafen Deathfest” making great presentations. 2009 The band travels to eastern Europe and makes a magnificent and powerful tour run by Coyote Records in the giant Russia. Shared a great show with the legendary band Severe Torture in the "M.Y.B.

Fest” in the city of Barcelona. The band return to Switzerland to lead the winter festival" Hellvetia Day IX ".

2010 Carnivore Diprosopus is part of the poster of the last great edition of the “Death Feast Open Air” in Germany. The line-up more forceful and devastating enters to Carnivore Diprosopus to begin creating the third chapter.

They are: Andres Perez (Guitar), Wilson Henao (Drums), Nacho Rondon (Guitar) & Alfonso Mejia (Bass). With this brutal line-up making the first official show in Madrid.

2011 During this year, the band makes 4 unique presentations in Europe: Madrid - Spain "Madrid Mosh Party", Tilburg - Netherlands “Neurotic Death Fest", Palencia-Spain "Brutologos Festival" and Covilhã - Portugal "Butchery at Christmas Time XII". 2012 The band is signed by the U.S label "Sevared Records", this American label announces the realization and distribution of third professional album of Carnivore Diprosopus. Recording, production and release of the third disc entitled "Condemned by the Alliance" promoted by "Sevared Records".

2013 Official release by the label "Sevared Records" of the third album "Condemned by the Alliance." Pablo Gonzalez (Bass) enters the command carnivore. A magnificent and excellent promotional tour of the last album by Europe with 15 dates "Condemning Europe Tour 2013" supported and managed by Vladimir Prokos of "Nice to eat you Agency Tour".

The "Condemned by the Alliance" album is a success and is chosen as one of the best albums of Brutal Death Metal in 2013. 2014. 2013 - ALBUM "CONDEMNED BY THE ALLIANCE" 2006 - ALBUM "MADHOUSE´S MACABRE ACTS" 2004 - ALBUM "FILLED MY STOMACH WITH A PREGNANT´S CORPSE" 2005 - CD COMPILATION "A Bombardment from the Southern Paradise: 2003 - DEMO "Sick Nurse" 2002 - DEMO "Torture Ninphomanic".