Cenotaph (TUR)

Cenotaph (TUR)
Batu Cetin (Vocals Drain Of Impurity), Deniz Can Kurt (Bass), Cihan Akün (Guitar), Caglar Yürüt (Drums), Basar Cetin (Guitar Drain Of Impurity, Cidesphere), Coskun Kaplan (Bass)

CENOTAPH was formed by vocalist Batu Cetin in the summer of 1994 with the aim of performing some piece of the most brutal and the sickest music that has ever been played in Turkey and the world so far. After various changes in the band’s line up, they released their first demo “Life Immortal” in 1995. CENOTAPH recorded their second demo «promo tape 96» in 1996.

This 3 song professionally recorded demo was sent to many underground labels,fanzines, magazines. «promo tape 96» got great responses from both the press/record labels and fans…With this demo, the band’s technical style and brutal sound got steadier and tighter.

in the Summer of 1996, CENOTAPH entered YESILKART studios, Istanbul, to record their 8 songs debut album «Voluptuously Minced» , 8 songs of brutal and sick gore death/grind. With this recording they received offers from a few labels from outside Turkey but they preferred to go for HAMMER MUSIC.Finally «Voluptuously Minced» was released by Hammer music, got great interest as expected and has been distributed worldwide by many labels/distros .

CENOTAPH has been featured in many magazines/fanzines and radio shows worldwide.“Voluptuously Minced” was distributed in CD format by various labels in approximately 25 countries, and reached a wide range of listeners in Turkey in tape/Cd format. Cenotaph, in the meantime, was working on new songs and continued the shows.

In 1998 the band recorded their second album “Puked Genital Purulency”, at STUDIO FORTE, Istanbul… «Puked Genital Purulency» was released by Hammer music in MC and CD format. This album also got very well responses from local extreme music fans as well as from fans abroad. After a few months of the album’s release, CENOTAPH managed to reach a big number of fans worldwide. Puked Genital Purulency took part in many compilation cd’s, tapes and zines.

The album is still counted as one of the mile stones of deathgrind. Cenotaph recorded their third full lenght in 2003 'Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium' and released by United Guttural Records , Drain Prod , Atlantis Music Band reached worldwide fan base with this albüm and received many positive good reviews from worldwide sceneThey played many gigs shows and festivals in Türkey and foreign Metal festivals after this release. In 2006, due to high demands, the first two albums were gathered on one CD and re-released under the title of «Voluptuously Puked Genitals» by Burning Dogma Records from Texas, USA. Cenotaph is done with their 4th album’s recordings and mastering sessions were made at the iguana studios Germany and 4th full lenght album‘Reincarnation in Gorextasy’ released summer 2007 worldwide by Unmatched Brutality Records(USA) and Turkish label Atlantis Music .

Cenotaph made total 10 days Russian Headliner Tour after the 4th full lenght 'Reincarnation in Gorextasy' in 2010 band recorded their 5th full lenght album 'Putrescent ınfectious Rabidity' and signed with Sevared Records USA - Coyote records Russia , this release also gets incredible positive feedback from worldwide scene , band toured again 14 days whole Russia and played numerous shows in Turkey. in bands history cenotaph played at many festivals and shows and tours like : ROCK STATION FEST (2002) (TURKEY) (HEADLINER SHOW) ROCK STATION FEST (2003) (TURKEY) ROCK THE NATIONS FEST (2004) (TURKEY) IZMIR ROCK FEST (2004) (TURKEY) (HEADLINER SHOW) FUCK THE COMMERCE FEST (2005) (GERMANY) ROCK REPUBLIC FEST (2005) (TURKEY) METAL HEADS MISSION FEST (2005) (UKRAINE) (HEADLINER SHOW) IZMIR ROCK FEST (2005) (TURKEY) BRUTAL ASSAULT FEST (2006) (CZECH REP) MARYLAND DEATH FEST (2006) (USA) CENOTAPH TURKEY TOUR (2006) ITU ROCK FEST (2007) (TURKEY) (HEADLINER SHOW) METAL HEADS MISSION FEST (2007) (UKRAINE) RUSSIAN TOUR 2007 ( 14 DAYS TOUR) CENOTAPH TURKEY TOUR (2007) ROCK STATION FEST (2008) (TURKEY) COYOTE OPEN AIR FEST (2008) (RUSSIA) (HEADLINER SHOW) TORNADO OPEN AIR FEST (2010) (RUSSIA) MOUNTAINS OF DEATH FEST (2010) (SWITZERLAND) RUSSIAN TOUR 2010 (18 DAYS TOUR) ITU ROCK FEST (2012) (TURKEY) (HEADLINER SHOW) METAL HEADS MISSION FEST (2012) (UKRAINE) HEAVY STAGE FEST (2012) (TURKEY) (HEADLINER SHOW) BERLIN EXTREME FEST (2012) (GERMANY) LOW LANDS DEATH FEST (2013) (ITALY) (HEADLINER SHOW) HEAVY STAGE FEST (2015) (TURKEY) (HEADLINER SHOW) NETHERLANDS DEATH FEST (2016) ( HOLLAND) Cenotaph played numerous gigs and concerts in Turkey and Europe since 1994 Cenotaph is perking up and improving its unique brutal death metal sound every year with the shows worldwide and working on upcoming albums COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY: - LIFE IMMORTAL DEMO : 1995 (SELF RELEASED) - PROMO TAPE DEMO 96 : 1996 (SELF RELEASED) - VOLUPTUOUSLY MINCED CD/TAPE : 1996 (HAMMER MUSIC / Turkey) - PUKED GENITAL PURULENCY CD/TAPE : 1999 (HAMMER MUSIC /Turkey) - PSEUDO VERMINAL CADAVERIUM CD : 2003 (UNITED GUTTURAL REC / usa - DRAIN PROD /Austria - ATLANTIS MUSIC / Turkey) - VOLUPTUOUSLY PUKED GENITALS (compilation) CD : 2005 (BURNING DOGMA RECORDS / USA ) - REINCARNATION IN GOREXTASY CD : 2007 (UNMATCHED BRUTALITY REC /USA - COYOTE RECORDS / russia - ATLANTIS MUSIC / Turkey) - SCHIZOID ACTS OF MENTAL DEFLORATION (single promo) : 2009 (Self released) - PUTRESCENT INFECTIOUS RABIDITY CD : 2010 (SEVARED REC / USA - COYOTE REC / russia ) - COMPLETE DEMOS&REHEARSALS 94-96 CD (compilation) : 2011 (SEVARED REC / USA ) - RE-PUKED PURULENCY CD (compilation) : 2011 (SEVARED REC / USA ) - GUTTURAL SOUNDS OF MORBID PUTREFACTION DVD : 2011 (COYOTE REC / Russia) - THE QUADRUM PLAGUE SPLIT CD : 2013 (Cenotaph - Mortal Torment(Greece) - Demonical Genuflection(Usa) - Hatred (Italy) / COYOTE REC / russia ) LATEST LINE UP 2016 : BATU CETIN - VOCALS ALICAN ERBAS - DRUMS ERKIN OZTURK - GUITARS CIHAN AKUN – GUITARS CONTACT BAND : batucetin@yahoo.com .