Albert von Fleischer (Guitar), Cypher Commander (Vocals), Thab Picard (Keyboard), Max Power (Bass, Back Vocals), Ezzymania 2000 (Guitar), Jack Tyger (Drums), Kole (Guitar), Jere Kortelainen (Guitar)

The name says it all.

Chaosweaver. Puppetmaster of pandemonium.

Controller of disorder. Drawing influences from old horror flicks, historic literature and the dark side of the human psyche, Chaosweaver's music is a combination of in-your-face guitar riffs, thundering beats, roaring vocals, majestic soundscapes and catchy melodies, but with a sinister twist.

The blend is lethal..

Soundtrack to your darkest nightmares.

"Enter the Realm of the Doppelgänger" OUT NOW!