Circle II Circle

Circle II Circle
Adam Sagan (Drums ex-Into Eternity, Final Darkness, Echoterra), Henning Wanner (Keyboard), Christian Wentz (Guitar), Bill Hudson (Guitar ex-Cellador), Mitch Stewart (Bass, Back Vocals), Zak Stevens (Vocals Ex-Savatage), Oliver Palotai (Keyboard), Evan Christopher (Guitar, Back Vocals), Andrew Lee (Guitar, Back Vocals), Tom Drennan (Drums, Back Vocals)

"ZAK IS BACK ON THE ATTACK!" CIIC has been running wild all over the globe since the release of their latest album "Seasons Will Fall" in January 2013.

This album is considered to be the strongest album of their entire career from both a musical and production standpoint...That is until CIIC releases their next album which is tentatively scheduled for release in the spring of 2015! The upcoming album will be the second release on their new label EarMUSIC Records. It is no secret that EarMUSIC is the label that distributes all the Savatage back-catalog and this cooperation has netted some great results for CIIC since the release of the "Seasons Will Fall" album.

Says Stevens, "With EarMUSIC releasing our sixth and seventh albums, we are exactly where we want to be right now. This is the most exciting time we've experienced in the band's entire history.

The world tour in support of SWF has set us has set us up for some really great times to come with touring and the release of the new album later this year." The turning point came in 2012 with their monumental performance of the entire Savatage album “The Wake of Magellan" at the world's largest heavy metal festival Wacken Open Air followed by a sold-out tour of Europe and Brazil in support of the SWF album. Part of the CIIC allure is that it encompasses Zak Stevens' history with the performance of CIIC and features Savatage music in concert as well.

Here are just some of the reasons CIIC tours have been so successful lately: The Band Lineup – 100 % live music! There are six guys in the lineup and five are singers. There are absolutely no pre-recorded tracks being used in the live performances.

CIIC is - Zak Stevens - Vocals, Mitch Stewart - Bass/Vocals, Christian Wentz - Guitars/Vocals, Bill Hudson - Guitars/Vocals, Henning Wanner - Keyboards/Vocals, Marcelo Moreira - Drums. Each year CIIC features a special live anniversary performance of a Savatage album. For example in 2013 it was the 20th anniversary of "Edge of Thorns" so CIIC performed that album in its entirety as they did on the following tour with "Wake of Magellan" on its 15th anniversary.

The full performance of the Savatage album "Handful of Rain" was also performed at select shows all over Europe on the European tour in the fall of 2014. More Touring - The band toured over the last three years from Dubai (UAE) to all over Europe and South America to ensure that more fans around the world get a taste of CIIC live in concert. A US tour is planned for 2015. CIIC is a band that has been able to reinvent itself time and time again through the years and still maintain that signature sound that fans around the world depend on with each record.

Pick up the current album "Seasons Will Fall" and check out CIIC at a concert hall near you. In March 2014 CIIC released their second video from the SWF album featuring the song “Diamond Blade”. It contains tons of live material from their world tour in 2013. In June 2014 EarMUSIC released the Live Album- “Circle II Circle Bootleg LIVE AT WACKEN” which contains the full concert recorded in 2012.

In November 2014 CIIC toured Europe and also visited the Middle East, playing in Dubai for the second time in their career. Be on the lookout for CIIC’s new studio album release in fall 2015! CIIC will be back on tour in Europe and the rest of the world! .

Melodic Progressive Power Metal / Savatage / T.S.O.

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