Björn Eliasson (Guitar), Micael Andersson (Vocals Alyson Avenue, Planet Alliance, Silent Memorial), Hans Persson (Bass), Patrik Svärd (Guitar Alyson Avenue), Roger Landin (Drums Alyson Avenue)

The history of Cloudscape started in 2001 when Mike Andersson (Vocals), Björn Eliasson (Guitars), Patrik Svärd (Guitars), Haynes Pherson (Bass) and Roger Landin (Drums) decided to quit their previous bands in order to focus on Cloudscape.

After recording several demos ´penned by Mike Andersson and Björn Eliasson during 2001 to 2004 Cloudscape contacted production company Roastinghouse productions in order to ask them for help getting the word out about Cloudscape to the music industry. Roastinghouse liked the music of Cloudscape and a management agreement was signed shortly thereafter.

Cloudscape entered the prestigious Roastinghouse studios in 2004 and recorded their self titled debut album which was produced by Anders “Theo” Theander (Allen/Lande Project, Pain Of Salvation). This album was sent out to various record labels by management company Roastinghouse in order to get attention from record labels.

Several record labels showed interest in Cloudscape but, it was German label Metal Heaven that signed Cloudscape to their roster for the European territory. Cloudscape also inked a licensing deal with Japanese label Marquee/Avalon for the Asian territory.

The debut album of Cloudscape was released in Asia in December 2004 and all over Europe in January 2005. The feedback from fans, press and media turned out amazing and many reviewers was stunned by the high quality debut album of Cloudscape both songwise, by performance and by the top notch album production.

Cloudscape describes their music to be Melodic metal with progressive touches and their music probably appeals to fans of Evergrey, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Pagan’s Mind etc etc.

Cloudscapes ambition was to compose songs that are in between the progressive metal genre and also the more straight forward melodic metal genre in order to reach out to a wider audience such as genuine metal fans and also fans into the more progressive side of metal. Cloudscape puts the melodies in the first room and they don’t necessary compose progressive songs for the sake of making them progressive.

Cloudscape also filmed a promotional video for the song Under Fire (directed by Rainer Holmgren) which later on have become a Cloudscape favourite song during their live shows. Cloudscape did several liveshows in their home country (Sweden) to promote their self titled debut album and in late 2005 they did their first live appearance abroad at Progpower Europe in The Netherlands (baarlo). Cloudscape went back to the Roastinghouse recording studios in January 2006 to record their second album entitled Crimson skies.

Crimson Skies was produced by Pontus Lindmark (Allen/Lande Project, Nostradameus). Cloudscape established their own trademark and style within the melodic metal genre with Crimson skies and once again Cloudscape received fantastic feedback from fans, press and media all over the world (even better than the self titled debut) and Crimson skies ended up in top 10 lists of “best metal album of the year 2006” in various magazines and webzines.

Cloudscape also inked a deal with U.S label Nightmare Records for the U.S and Canadian territories. On June 9, 2006 Cloudscape did a live performance at Sweden’s biggest and most popular rock festival called Sweden Rock Festival.

The demands for Cloudscape live shows slowly but surely increased during 2006 and 2007. Cloudscape did several live shows during 2007 both at festivals like Progpower UK, Norway Metal Heart festival etc and single gigs.

The demands for Cloudscape continued to grow. Cloudscape is a genuine live band and the good reputation about Cloudscape being a great live act started to spread more and more.

Cloudscape also filmed a promotional video for the song Demon tears directed by Rainer Holmgren. On September 3, 2007 Cloudscape entered the Roastinghouse studios again to record their third album entitled Global Drama and once again Pontus Lindmark was hired to handle the producing duties.

Cloudscape consider Global Drama to be the most experimental and varied album in the Cloudscape discography so far and it includes songs that are among the heaviest and rawest songs they’ve written mixed up with songs that are more dynamic and atmospheric blended with the typical Cloudscape touch that they’ve established with their previous albums. Cloudscape continued their crusade and they keep gaining more and more fans day by day worldwide and performed highly acclaimed shows at the prestigious Bloodstock Open Air festival (UK) and Progpower Scandinavia (DK) + more shows during 2008 and 2009.

Global Drama was unleashed on August 18, 2008 through “Goldencore (zyx) / Roastinghouse Records” (EU) and “Nightmare Records” (U.S and Canada) and again the band recieved RAVE reviews from media and fans of metal and Global Drama was predicted to become the bands 'breakthrough'!! In early 2009 drummer Roger Landin and bassplayer Haynes Pherson unfortunately decided to leave Cloudscape for personal reasons and in 2010 also Björn Eliasson decided to leave to pursue his own musical endeavours. But, remaining original members Mike Andersson and Patrik Svärd was not ready to give up the band and therefor decided to arrange auditions with several possible replacements to Björn, Roger & Haynes and found awesome musicianship and friendship in drummer Fredrik Joakimsson, bassplayer Håkan Nyander (also in Supreme Majesty) and locally known guitarplayer Daniel Pålsson.

Cloudscape will enter the studio in early 2011 in order to record their new album which will be produced by Micko Twedberg (ex Debase). The new members in Cloudscape fits in perfectly in all ways and Cloudscape is ready to conquer the world with the forthcoming album to be entitled New Era....the hunger, excitement and drive in the spirit of Cloudscape is now stronger than ever and Cloudscape are eager to get out and tour as soon as they possibly can!! .