Conducting From The Grave

Conducting From The Grave
Greg Donnelly (Drums ex-With Passion, ex-Promising Tomorrow), Drew Winter (Vocals Shadow Of The Colossus, ex-Fate (USA), ex-Debello Castrum), John Abernathy (Guitar Embrace The End, ex-With Passion), Jeff Morgan (Guitar ex-With Passion), Jackson Jordan (Bass), Steven Lovas (Bass Shredilepsy, ex-With Passion), Mikey Powell (Vocals Braver, Emergence), Lou Tanuis (Vocals Forsaken The Sky, ex-Lucid The River, ex-Through The Eyes Of The Dead, ex-Invocation Of Nehek, ex-On Paths Of Torment), Shaun Gier (Vocals ex-With Passion), Phil Williamson (Bass ex-Jet Black Horror)

Conducting From the Grave is a metal band formed in 2003 out of Sacramento CA.

The band has 2 full lengths out via Sumerian Records, "When Legends Become Dust (2009)" and "Revenants (2011)" and one self released EP "Trials of the Forsaken (2005)" The official press release for the bands new self titled release is as follows: Sacramento California’s Conducting From The Grave has announced the release of a new self-titled album on October 1st 2013. The release was entirely funded by fans via a Kickstarter campaign (raising over $15,000 within a month) and will be the band’s first self-released effort.

The new release follows the band’s two highly regarded extreme metal releases, (2009’s When Legends Become Dust and 2010’s Revenants) for Sumerian Records. While initially established in the metal-core scene the new release finds the band further distancing themselves from the “core” tag (a move they started on the Revenants release) and delving further into the technicality and brutality that defines death metal.

Evidence of this is in the blistering guitar shredding and fierce vocals on recent two official song leaks for “Into The Rabbit Hole” and “Honor Guide Me!” (links appearing below). Official song leak: “Into The Rabbit Hole” here: Official song leak: “Honor Guide Me!” here: While at a crossroad with their label, the band spent the better part of the past two years writing and demo-ing new material while deciding their future.

The downtime actually ended up being beneficial as guitarist Jeff Morgan confides “It took a while for us to finally get into the studio to master the tracks, but it ended up working out great for the album. The writing and re-fining process we put each song through helped ensure that this album was the best it could possibly be.

Also we were allowed the time without any outside pressure to really hone in on our death metal roots and expand on them.” Ultimately deciding to release the album themselves, the band decided to pursue the crowd-funding option for album costs, unsure of what to expect. Speaking on the overwhelmingly positive outcome Morgan says “It was amazing to see the fans come through like that for us.

There were a lot of people who donated above and beyond what they needed to and the majority of comments we received were so supportive. When things get difficult trying to keep a band going for such a long time, fans like this makes it all feel worthwhile.” In addition to Morgan, Conducting From The Grave is rounded out by vocalist Mikey Powell (vocals), John Abernathy (guitar), Greg Donnelly (drums) and Jackson Jordan (bass).

Possessing a furious live show, the band has made a splash in the metal community while touring with the likes of Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, Kataklysm, Dying Fetus, Carnifex, Arsis and more. Conducting From The Grave will be performing shows in California to celebrate the self-titled album’s release, with more national dates to be announced shortly. Conducting From The Grave Record Release Shows: 10/4 – Cobalt Cafe – Canoga Park, CA 10/5 – The Boardwalk (official CD release show) – Orangevale, CA 10/6 – Classic Cue, CA – South Lake Tahoe, CA .

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