Crom (GER)

Crom (GER)
Walter "Crom" Grosse (Vocals, All instruments ex- Tears Of Time, ex- Dark Fortress (GER-1)), Seraph (Drums ex- Tears Of Time, ex- Dark Fortress (GER-1)), Victor Bullok (aka V. Santura) (Guitar Dark Fortress (GER-1), Noneuclid, Triptykon), Draug (Bass Dark Fortress (GER-1))

1997: Crom dissolves his band TEARS OF TIME, to join German Black Metal band DARK FORTRESS on guitar, only to realise after a while that playing guitar would not completely satisfy him.

So, in the winter of that year, he founded his solo project CROM, which has been described as Majestic Melodic Metal. 2000: Crom leaves DARK FORTRESS to concentrate all his attention on CROM, and the first demo is released (Promo 2000).

2002: In January Crom enters the Aexxys Art / Schwandorf studios to record "The Fallen Beauty" EP. However, the studio undergoes refurbishment immediately after recording ends, causing the final mixing to be delayed, and the CD is not completed until June 2002.

Another self-produced MCD follows on from "The Fallen Beauty" (Promo 2002). 2005: Crom joins DARK FORTRESS vocalist AZATHOTH, to form SINDECADE, a Black Metal side project, and the MCD "Terrorcrowned" is released on his own label Neocreation Productions.

This is purely a recording project and was never intended to be a live band. 2007: February sees the completion of the new CROM album "Vengeance".

CROM’s first live performance takes place in May when the band supports DARK FORTRESS. 2008: CROM signs to Pure Steel Records and “Vengeance” is released on the 29th August. .