Crom (GER)

Crom (GER)
Walter "Crom" Grosse (Vocals, All instruments ex- Tears Of Time, ex- Dark Fortress (GER-1)), Seraph (Drums ex- Tears Of Time, ex- Dark Fortress (GER-1)), Victor Bullok (aka V. Santura) (Guitar Dark Fortress (GER-1), Noneuclid, Triptykon), Draug (Bass Dark Fortress (GER-1))

1997: CROM is founded as a tribute to the great Bathory 2000: CROM leaves DARK FORTRESS and finds time to concentrate all his attention on CROM finally.

In the same year the first official demo is released (Promo 2000) 2002: In January CROM enters the Aexxys Art studio Schwandorf to record "The Fallen Beauty" EP. However, the studio undergoes refurbishment immediately after recording ends, causing the final mixing to be delayed, and the CD is not completed until June 2002.

Another self-produced MCD called Promo 2002 follows. 2004: Demo 2004 is recorded again at Aexxys Art Studio Schwandorf. These songs will be released later in 2006 at CROMS label Neocreation productions and on the vinyl version of „Vengeance“. 2004 to 2006: CROM is taking time to create songs for the upcoming album „Vengeance“ AND the second album „Of love and death“.

Both albums are produced by CROM himself, and engineered by Victor Bullok „At The Crypt Studios“. 2007: February sees the completion of the new CROM album "Vengeance". CROM’s first live performance takes place in May when the band supports DARK FORTRESS.

Later CROM will take part at the „Tales from the underground“ Festival. 2008: CROM signs a deal with german label Pure steel records. At 29th of August 2008 „Vengeance“ is released and later celebrated live at Swordborthers festival.

2011: Vocal recordings and mixing of „Of love & death“ are done and the second album is released finally at 25th of November 2011. This output is published once again by german Pure steel records.

In the same year the first drum recordings for the following album „When northmen die“ are done at Woodshed studios by V. Santura. 2011 & 2012: Guitar and bass recordings for „When northmen die“ are done at homestudio CROM. 2017: After a long and difficult period of private accidents CROM is working on the „When northmen die“ album for the first time since 2012.

In the same year the whole vocals are recorded at homestudio CROM. The mix and mastering is done by V. Santura at Woodshed Studios again.

At 1st of December 2017 „When northmen die“ is finally released by Pure steel records. 2018: CROM is presenting a fix live line up for the first time since 2008. This line up will play a great gig together with german Hard Rock Titans Bonfire late in 2018.

2019: CROM is headlining the „Rock im Wildpark“ festival and be part of the „Sternenklang festival“. CROM is working on songs for the next album with the working title „The era of darkness“.


Crom - Epic metal since 1997