Belial (Guitar Valhôll, Vordavoss, ex-Carnal Lust), Saroth (Guitar Valhôll, Aosoth), Keriel (Drums), Sapian (Vocals, Bass Valhôll, Acta), Sorath (Drums Balrog, Svart Crown), Asmodan (Drums [2005-2008])

The french religious Black Metal band CRUXIFICTION has been created during the anno MMV in the unholy place of Paris.

Armored with fervor its devotees have spread their first judgment under the name of « The Great Agony » in anno MMVI. Sharing their hate to the bastard on stage with bands like Corpus Christii, Merrimack or Temple Of Baal, Cruxifiction is now better prepared to bring the new message « The Coming », awaited for april MMXI, will express the worst side of their illuminated bestiality.

Expect brutal Black Metal sincere and passionate with a tinge of old school Death Metal… Worship..

Detestation of the blinds, Annihilation of Christian Kind.