Mark Basile (Vocals Mind Key), Simone Mularoni (Guitar [since 2006], Empyrios, Lalu), Fabio Costantino (Drums [since 1999], ex-Carnal Rapture), Emanuele Casali (Keyboard [since 2006], Astra (ITA), ex-Empyrios), Andrea Arcangeli (Bass [since 2003], Concept (ITA), Solisia, ex-Thy Mortal Eyes, ex-River Of Change), Titta Tani (Vocals [2001-2007], Necrophagia, Daemonia, Astra (ITA), Icycore, ex-Empty Tremor, ex-Glory Hunter (ITA), ex-Abstracta), Luciano Regoli (Vocals [1996-1999]), Gianfranco Tassella (Drums [1996-1997]), Fabio Sanges (Keyboard [2003-2006], ex-Abstracta), Ingo Schwartz (Bass [1996], ex-Schwartz, ex-Thunder (ITA), ex-Glory Hunter (ITA)), Marco Machiori (Bass [1997-1999]), Roberto Riccitelli (Keyboard [1996]), Diego Reali (Guitar [1996-2006]), Maurizio Pariotti (Keyboard [1997-2001])

DGM's new album "THE PASSAGE" is coming August 26th and can be pre-ordered here: http://radi.al/ThePassage (includes an instant download of "Animal" and "The Secret Part 1").

italian progressive-melodic metal