Dance Club Massacre

Dance Club Massacre
Matt Hynek (Keyboard), Mitch Hein (Guitar), Nick Seger (Vocals), Chris Mrozek (Bass), Jon Caruso (Drums), Jake Thomas (Keyboard), James Poston (Bass), Kurt Latos (Keyboard)

Brutality, board games, beer, babes and body slams sound more like interests for a personal advertisement, but for Chicago metal band Dance Club Massacre, the five B's are more like its lifeline.

Despite appearances – and numerous MySpace photos – Dance Club Massacre's party-hard mentality isn't limited to the fun-loving drunkfest that lies on the surface. The band's second album, "Circle of Death," highlights Dance Club Massacre's abilities as serious musicians by drawing more influence from pioneers of black metal, Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth, and bringing more intense riffage and intricate layers of keyboards than previous releases. Recorded by Jason "Jocko" Randall (From a Second Story Window, Ed Gein) at More Sound Studios in Syracuse, NY, "Circle of Death" is the result of a structured writing and recording process, a concept new to the band.

"Jocko really pushed us to be better musicians. The songs were dissected and put back together again with a lot of attention to detail," comments guitarist Mitch Hein.

"With 'Circle of Death,' we want to show how we have progressed as a band." But “Circle of Death” isn't only a compilation of Norwegian influenced, stiff upper lip metal. The album is named after the band’s favorite drinking game and delivers an equal amount of absurdity to complement its ear-numbing brutality.

"We want to thrash the faces of everyone we come into contact with..." said vocalist Nick Seger, "and, we want them to know how much we love wrestling." Calling on Chad Lenjer of Discordant Art (Job For a Cowboy, Arsonists Get All the Girls) to pick up the art duties, "Circle of Death" contains metal imagery and light-hearted colors that truly represent the combined efforts of raging tunes and wackiness that is Dance Club Massacre. Starting as a project between Nick Seger and Kurt Latos in October 2004 that quickly developed into a full time band, Dance Club Massacre first brought their "Halloween-core" metal to the public with a self released demo recorded by Erik Butkus (Tower of Rome, Pedro the Lion) at Blam Recording in Chicago. With sales of the demo surpassing even the band's expectations, Dance Club Massacre headed back into the studio with Butkus, now at Evil Plan to Record the World Studios, to record their second self-released album "Feast of the Blood Monsters." "Feast of the Blood Monsters" quickly broke into the "50 Top Selling Items" on and blasted through all 1100 copies of the original pressing.

Shortly after the release of "Feast of the Blood Monsters," Dance Club Massacre inked a deal with Black Market Activities, bringing the remastered/remixed release to the masses..