Dark Flood

Dark Flood
Tero Piltonen (Vocals), Tapio Korhonen (Guitar), Kalle Ruumensaari (Vocals, Guitar), Tuomas Jaatinen (Drums), Ville Ruumensaari (Bass, Back Vocals), Tuomas Perkkïo (Guitar), Sampo Heikkinen (Keyboard), Pauli Heikkinen (Vocals), Henri Meripaasi (Drums)

Oulu, Finland based Dark Flood has reached almost age of twenty melancholy written years.

Lots of water has passed in Oulu River since last record was published, and over half of a line-up has changed. The time has finally come to release their third full-length album and kick some serious asses like never before. Band relies firmly on their well-known strength in painting great atmospheres and creating strong mesmerizing mood.

Soundscape is original Dark Flood standard, offering even more melodic and new harsher side of the band. New album Inverno was well fermented and making process was occasionally complicated.

The band has chosen to define path of their kind. Philosophy of breaking boundaries is easy to notice in Inverno. Inverno contains 10 tracks, introducing harder side of Dark Flood and momentarily even progressive metal, without forgetting even stronger expression in clean vocals so far.

Tone is just the right combination of familiar old tunes and new elements that keeps the sound fresh without any artistic compromises, which has never been an option for the band. Thematically message is simple: “This will not end well.” After releasing Still Liberty in 2005 and The Dead Lines 2006, the flame almost died at the end of decade.

Line-up has changed heavily, difficulties are beaten and band is back stronger than ever. Inverno is produced, recorded and mixed by bros Ruumensaari, stem mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren and released by new partner in crime, Haunted Zoo Productions. Discography: Inverno (Haunted Zoo 2015) The Dead Lines (Minortone 2006) Still Liberty (Minortone 2005) Download Dark Flood EPK here: http://bit.ly/DF_EPK .