Dark Moor

Dark Moor
Ricardo Moreno (Bass [since 2015], Vodevil Vargas, Knell Odyssey), Alfred Romero (Vocals [since 2003], ex-Scheherezade), Enrik Garcia (Guitar [since 1993]), Roberto Cappa (Drums [since 2007], Delyrium), Daniel Fernandez (Bass [2003-2008], Inntrance), Andy C. (Drums, Keyboard Saratoga (ESP), ex-Wormed, ex-Null, ex-Avulsed), Roberto Pena de Camus (Keyboard Arwen, ex-Dreamaker, ex-Ebony Ark), Anan Kaddouri (Bass [1999-2004]), Jose A. Garrido (Guitar [2003-2004], Arwen), Jorge Saez (Drums [1999-2003], Dreamaker, ex-Ebony Ark), Elisa Candelas Martin (Vocals [1999-2003], Hamka, Dreamaker, ex-Fairyland, ex-Sabatan, ex-Ebony Ark), Mario Garcia (Bass [2009-2015], ex-Silver Fist, ex-Panzer (ESP), ex-Crienium), Alberto Maroto (Guitar [1999-2003], Dreamaker), Javier Rubio (Guitar Inner Beast, ex-Souls Insane)

It was during the complicated crisis of the early '90s, in 1993, when Dark Moor is born under Enrik Garcia´s hand.

In 1999, Dark Moor achieves its first contract. It is the right momento to record the first album of the band "Shadowland", thanks to the interest of Arise Records, wich makes them loyal to this label to launch their posterior works.

The record get better results than expected,reaching to the point of being edited in Europe or Brazil, and letting the doors open to make a memorable Spanish tour with Demons & Wizards. Since then, the band record two more albums “The Hall Of The Olden Dreams” 2000, and “The Gates Of Oblivion” 2002 and two EP´s “The fall of Melniboné” and “Between Light and Darkness” 2003 and one cover song "Halloween" for the tribute album, "The keepers of Jericho" 2000 and play in places like Rock Machina Festival, Viña Rock Festival, Nit de Reis Fest or Metal Christmas Festival, and get a deal with JVC to cover the Asian market.

After this EP “Between Light and Darkness”, a change ocurred that would be fundamental for the new sound of Dark Moor, and for its definitive international renown. The entry of Alfred Romero as the new lead singer.

Alfred gives his personality and unique voice and they all travel to Italy one more time in order to record "Dark Moor" 2003, the fourth album of the band. With a rawer and improved sound achieving a touch of international quality thanks to the contribution of Alfred´s special voice.

They finaly got an international tour,conquering Spain, Belgium and France with After Forever. Besides this tour,the band also makes a tour around Spain and participates in a few festivals,emphasizing their performance in Viña Rock Festival. The moment of this new confirmation comes during summer 2004,with the recordings of the fifth album of the group, "Beyond the Sea", which will see the light on early 2005.The record keep strong in all markets, despite of the international crisis.

With this album, Dark Moor also make their first video of the single "Before the Duel". Starting afterwards their usual Spanish tour and playing in several festivals in Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland. In this important moment they receive bad news, their label Arise records announce their dissolution. In summer 2006, between negotiations for the future, the recordings of their sixth work start.With the new album, Dark Moor soon get a new label for Europe and America:Scarlet Records.They also get a deal with Avalon Marquee for the distribution of the album in Asian Market.

Dark Moor now record the video for the new single, called "The Chariot". Soon after being released, "Tarot" 2007 receives the best critics of the band´s history, being considered best album of the month by Metal Hammer(Spain), Powerplay(UK), Metal reviews(USA), Heavyowl(Germany), and best album of the year by Heavylaw(France). The band gets now on tour all around Spain to introduce the new album, and from this tour a new video is born: "Wheel of fortune", mixing live sound with studio sound.

Thanks to the great impact caused by "Tarot", the band travels to South America for the first time, performing in Chile, Peru, and Brazil. So Dark Moor becomes the first Spanish band playing in Brazilian stages.

They complete this with some festivals in France and Spain. In August 2008 with a great expectancy from the fans, Dark Moor come back to Italy with their producer Luigi Stefanini.

Following the release of the critically-acclaimed "Tarot" which confirmed their status as one of the leading forces in the European metal scene, the Spanish power/symphonic metallers Dark Moor are ready to come back with a new, exciting album, the sevent in their prestigious career, the new masterpiece is called "Autumnal" 2009 full of powerful symphonic metal and with new sounds.Following the release of the album, the band film another video for the song "On The Hill of Dreams".With this new album they play again in France and achieve new goals in Russia or Czech Republic after presenting it in Madrid, Valencia o Vitoria, so that they become the most international band born in Spain in the symphonic metal. In november 2010 its new work will born.

It is recorded as the others in the New Sin Studios, commanded by Luigi Stefanini and supported by the italian company Scarlet Records. Its title, "Ancestral Romance".

The new album will be a new step in the carrier of the group and it will contain its identity signs: musical excelence, big symphonic themes, full of catchy chorus and memorable melodies that, for sure, their fans will be crazy about all over the world. The “Ancestral Romance” album, gained very good reviews a cross the world, 91/100 in the very important japanese magazine BURRN!, follow this, the band recorded a new video “Love from the Stone”, and do concerts in Spain and many festivals as Rock in Somma Festival Milan, Viña Rock Festival among others. The year 2013 is a busy year for the band, their new album "Ars Musica" released in June comes with the video of the song "The Road Again", and have the best critics/sales in their career: number 1 in Amazon Spain/France, 4 in Amazon UK in top downloads charts and in Japan are placed in 5th place of the best-selling albums in the category of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, falling just behind Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Van Halen and Whitesnake. The band plans for the near future are touring in the coming months, and for the first time in their history play in Russia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, tour in Mexico, and they go back to Europe to make a tour in many cities and festivals. They qualify within the top 20 in various categories of the annual survey "Heavy Metal Championship 2013" determined by the readers of the magazine BURRN! Winning since 16th best vocalist and 17th best band, best bassist 17th , 20th as best album. “Project X” 2015 corresponds to the tenth album in his career.In the double edition deluxe is added a second disc that includes 5 of the most emblematic songs from its first years, re recorded and arranged by highest quality.There were three videos included numerous special effects of the songs “Gabriel”, “Imperial Earth” and “The Existence”. The album received the approval of the criticism, stressing above all his boldness to explore other musical terrain successfully.

In the magazine BURRN! managed the 7th position in the category of "best imported album", and the 15th in "best national Edition" staying three consecutive months in both rankings. Members ENRIK GARCIA-GUITARS ALFRED ROMERO-VOCALS ROBERTO CAPPA -DRUMS DANI FERNANDEZ–BASS ALBUMS · Shadowland (1999) · The Hall of the Olden Dreams (2000) · The Gates of Oblivion (2002) · Dark Moor (2003) · Beyond the Sea (2005) · Tarot (2007) · Autumnal (2009) · Ancestral Romance (2010) · Ars Musica (2013) · Project X (2015) . Origins (2019) EPs · The Fall of Melnibone (2001) · Between Light and Darkness (2003) .