Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour
Travis Orbin (Drums [since 2013], ex-Periphery, ex-Sky Eats Airplane), Mike Schleibaum (Guitar [since 1995], Beasts Of No Nation, Man And Wasp, Nitro Tokyo, ex-Astoria, ex-Indivision, ex-My Best Mistake, ex-The Bradshaw Express, ex-WD-40), John Henry (Vocals [since 1995], ex-Cropduster, ex-My Best Mistake), Michael Carrigan (Guitar [since 2008], ex-At All Cost), Aaron Deal (Bass [since 2011], Nitro Tokyo, ex-Salome), Billups Allen (Bass [1999-2001], ex-The Basement Apartments, ex-Corn On Macabre, ex-Shoutbus, ex-The Creamys), Kris Norris (Guitar [2002-2008], A Cancerous Affair, Variant Qualities, ex-Straight Line Stitch, ex-The Godless Symphony, ex-The Kris Norris Project, ex-Threat Signal), Ryan Parrish (Drums [1999-2011], A Cancerous Affair, Ghastly City Sleep, Iron Reagan, ex-City of Caterpillar, ex-Disinternment, ex-New Millenium's End, ex-Smoke or Fire), Raul Mayorga (Bass [1995-1999]), Tommy Gunn (Guitar [2001], live member, Savage Attack, ex-Disinterment, ex-Immortal Avenger, ex-Narsilion, ex-The Kris Norris Projekt), Kevin Lamiell (Bass [2004], live member, Haram, ex-Majority Rule, ex-Trial By Fire), Matt Maben (Drums [1995-1999], Bet The Devil, ex-Days Lost, ex-Fighting Chance, ex-First Offense, ex-Harsh Truth, ex-Hell To Pay, ex-Out Cold, ex-Soaphammer), Paul Burnette (Bass [2001-2011], Iron Reagan, ex-Crack Head, ex-Hot New Dance Hits), Mike Garrity (Guitar [2002], live member, Nitro Tokyo), Tim Java (Drums [2011-2013], live member, ex-With Dead Hands Rising), Fred Ziomek (Guitar [1999-2002], ex-Knife Fight)

A bastard child born of the mid 90s punk/metal/hardcore movement, Washington, DC’s DARKEST HOUR combine the passion, energy, and soul of punk/hardcore with the style, speed, vengeance and fury of melodic speed/thrash/death metal. DARKEST HOUR have helped defined the entire New Wave of American Metal sound as one of the pioneers of modern metal/core.

A sound that gave the metal and hardcore/punk world the revitalization it surely needed. This style blended the raw, hardcore punk of the 80s, with the Scandinavian death metal of the 90s and forged a sound that would later become the template for modern metal. Since their inception 21 years ago, Darkest Hour has released 8 studio full lengths (via 11 different record labels), appeared in major motion pictures and US television shows, video games, and have toured the world extensively covering 6 of the 7 continents. While many of their contemporaries have decided to hang it up, Darkest Hour is still charging ahead with invigorated spirit.

In 2016, the same rabid fan base that helped propel the band into the national spotlight, pushed them to reach another milestone by helping the band crowd fund over $70,000.00. The band then partnered with California based Southern Lord Records to help complete the release and distribution of this fan fueled release! 2017 will see the release of said album, and the world tour that will follow. This 9th studio album produced by underground legend Kurt Ballou (Coverge), at his Godcity complex, is destined to be a Metalcore classic.

Drawing from the bands 21 years’ experience, this album is set to solidify Darkest Hour’s legacy as a metal power house. Raw as all hell, musically complex, melodic, yet cutting with razor blade precision, Darkest Hour’s 9th full length record, Godless Prophets and the Migrant Flora is fierce and hungry for blood.

Darkest Hour Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora Pick it up in physical form here:https://www.southernlord.com/releases/view/godless-prophets-and-the-migrant-flora or on Itunes in the USA: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/godless-prophets-migrant-flora/id1183979828 or Itunes in UK / Europe: http://smarturl.it/LORD239.

3 / 10 / 2017 - NEW ALBUM