Darkness Dynamite

Darkness Dynamite
Junior Rodriguez (Vocals, Keyboard [since 2008], ex-Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition), Zack Larbi (Guitar [since 2006], ex-Straggler), Nelson Martins (Guitar [since 2007], ex-Les Enfants Du Paradis), Vincent Wallois (Drums [since 2010], Inner Pyre), Cris De Oliveira (Bass [since 2006], ex-Karma, ex-Obvious, ex-Ciprine), Alex Desmonts (Drums [2006-2009], ex-We Shall Overcome), Julien Granger (Drums [2009-2010], ex-Four Question Marks, ex-Today Is the Day), Eddie Czaicki (Vocals [2006-2008], ex-Betraying The Martyrs, ex-The Covers, ex-DeLorean), Nicolas Sarrouy (Guitar [2006-2007], Mass Hysteria)

- THE BEGINNING… DARKNESS DYNAMITE is a metal band formed in Paris in 2007 currently consisting of Junior Rodriguez, Zack Larbi, Nelson Martins, Christophe de Oliveira and Vincent Wallois. They recorded their first EP "Through the ashes of the wolves" in june 2007 and quickly signed a distribution deal with Musicast Distribution… This release overwhelms both Fans and critics… Combining a strong musical technique with a delicate sense of image, the band sells out the first pressing of this EP.

D.D starts touring, sharing the stage with some prestigious acts such as Bring Me The Horizon, Maroon, Architects, Job For A Cowboy ou encore The Chariot. Selling out show after show in France either Headlining or opening… Their new born legacy makes them reach high figures of online plays, which only big international bands can usually get (1 380 000 plays on myspace, more than 5 million views on youtube). .

BUY NOW our new album "Under The Painted Sky" on Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/under-the-painted-sky/id623253458 ILLUMINATION TOUR