Thibaud Ducrot (Vocals [since 2015], Legaside), William Grept (Bass [since 1998], ex-Sounds Of Fury, ex-Near Death Condition), Axel Vuille (Drums [since 2015], Sounds Of Fury, ex-Noma), Dario Hug (Guitar [since 2015], Sounds Of Fury, Mind Out), Nicolas Morard (Guitar [since 2015]), Mitch Gasser (Guitar [2013-2015], SJW), Nicolas Troyon (Vocals, Guitar [1998-2007] [2012-2015], Sounds Of Fury, ex-Rotting Faith, ex-Antharès), Antoine Charpié (Drums [2004-2008], Algebra, Jante Alu, ex-Camion, ex-Antharès), Nicolas Von Ritter (Guitar ex-Enigmatik), Luc Panchaud (Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals), Kevin Talley (Drums [2012], session member, Suffocation, ex-Misery Index, ex-Dying Fetus), Grégoire Duc (Vocals [2015], session member), Gregory Massera (Vocals [2009-2015], ex-Let The Killing Begin, ex-Slicer), Guido (Drums Enigmatik, Near Death Condition)

DarkRise is a Brutal Death Metal band based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Founded in 1998, by 2000 DarkRise had recorded their first demo, "Slaves Of Death", a highly satisfactory auditory assault on the 21st century.

In quick succession it was followed by full length albums: Realeyes (2013 Great Dane Records) Built (2009 Great Dane Records) Unbeliever (2006 Deadsun Records) Massive Retaliation (2003 Deadsun Records) Each session displayed their indomitable forward progress and each tour, With DTA - Death To All and Obscura (2013, Europe) “From Darkness Arose Immortality Tour” (2013, USA) With Dew-Scented, Melechesh and Nile (2011, Europe) With Impaled Nazarene (2006, Europe) ... has been a testament to their increasing skill, momentum and exponentially expanding world wide audience. Vincent Dévaud (TBOU - The Best of Underground) has booked them in shows all across Europe and DarkRise have shared the spotlight with the likes of Morbid Angel, Six Feet Under, Fear Factory, Requiem, Fleshcrawl, Yattering and more. The band have just finished recording their fifth album at the Parlour Studio in England under the guidance of producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile, etc...).

Killustrations (Aborted, Dew-Scented, The Crown, etc...) have supplied the killer illustration. To promote their new album entitled “Fear, Hate & Corruption” that will be released the 18th of March 2016, DarkRise will tour all across Europe with Morgoth and Incantation in April..

Official website : www.darkrise.ch