Dead Infection

Dead Infection
Cyjan (Drums [since 1990], ex-Spineless, ex-Front Terror, Evil Machine, ex-Incarnated, ex-Priesticide Lust, ex-Terminator, ex-DDT), Pierscien (Guitar [since 2005], Incarnated, ex-Neuropathia, ex-Squash Bowels, ex-Recrimination), Kelner (Vocals, Guitar, Bass ex-Terminator, ex-Incarnated, ex-Markiz de Sade), Golab (Vocals, Bass ex-D.O.C., ex-Incarnated, ex-Terminator), Hal (Vocals, Bass [2006-2011], Abused Majesty, Hermh, Vader, ex-Diseased, Evil Machine, ex-Via Mistica, ex-Stygmat), Tocha (Guitar ex-Coffee Grinders, ex-D.O.C., ex-War Death), Jaro (Vocals [1994-2006], ex-Coffee Grinders, ex-Ptomaina), Maly (Guitar, Bass ex-Terminator), Huzar (Guitar Calm Hatchery, ex-Stygmat, ex-Tehace, ex-Skuty Lodem), Domin (Vocals, Guitar ex-Front Terror), Lis (Bass [2011-2013], ex-Celebration), Maruish (Vocals ex-Front Terror), Paul (Guitar)

DEAD INFECTION is a death/grind band from Poland.

Since forming in January 1990 they have released several albums and a lot of singles. They are the second band from Poland after VADER that made a deal to release a CD/LP with a non-European label.

Their second album "A Chapter Of Accidents" is considered by many to be among the milestones of goregrind music. They're played numerous live shows around the world, including all of Europe, United States, South America, Mexico, Japan..