Deals Death

Deals Death
Kammo Olayvar (Bass [since 2013]), Sebastian Myrèn (Guitar [since 2009]), Erik Jacobson (Guitar [since 2008]), Janne Jaloma (Drums [since 2009], Trident, Anubis, Bloodshot Dawn, Chronic Torment, Ruined Soul), Olle Ekman (Vocals [since 2008], Pergolos, Hartwig, ex-Död, ex-Lethal Attack, ex-Volturyon), Ulrich Zander (Bass [2008-2009], Majestic Dimension, ex-Colorblind, ex-Metal Mercy, ex-Vulgärt Rivjärn), Rikard Sunden (Guitar [2007], Civil War, ex-Sabaton), Fredrik Ljung (Bass [2010-2013], Disdain), Anders Herbertzon (Bass [2007]), Tim Grundtman (Drums [2007-2009]), Joakim Broden (Vocals [2007], Sabaton, ex-Stormwind)

DEALS DEATH started in 2007 when guitarist Erik Jacobson began to record metal songs at the music university called "Boomtown" in Borlänge, Sweden.

Members of the band Sabaton were a part of the line-up in the beginning. In 2008 the band performed with the Symphony Orchestra of Dalarna, in the right time for this event Olle Ekman joined and made his first contribution to the band through this show. In late 2008, new members were recruited and the first recording "Internal Demons", containing 8 songs, was put on tape. The sound of Deals Death started to take form.

The album was released digitally and copies were also printed for promotional use. Internal Demons had a guest solo by Alexander Kouppala (ex.

Children of Bodom), it was recorded in Boomtown studios and got mixed by Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy). In 2009 Deals Death recruited new members in Gothenburg and has now got its base there for over two years. The second album, "Elite", was recorded in May 2010 in Gothenburg and mixed by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry). A music video was released in April 2011 for the song "Fortified", also featured on Elite.

This piece of deadly art made an impact on the Melodic Death Metal scene and launched Deals Death to the worldwide metal audience. Deals Death is now signed to the well known label Spinefarm Records and the Elite album will be released in mid- March 2012. Three of the songs are already available on myspace and youtube. Deals Death will slowly rise to the top.

Hard work and determination lies ahead to ensure the band's place at the top of the metalscene! .

"A band that stands tall above others in the melodic deathmetal genre" -Close up magazine- "Elite is a powerful album with such heavy passionate riffs and deep melodies that it completely impossible not to headbang your head off." -Rocknytt- "The passion, energy and vigor with which Deals Death attack their music leaves you no choice other than to like them. While mediocre bands passively release music that they hope you will like, Deals Death's music takes the initiative, grabs you by the throat and demands your attention and respect. They have both from me." -Rock music critic- "Deals Death’s Elite is a piece of aggressive, guitar driven melodic death metal that dabbles in the traditional without getting stuck in it. Deals Death is a great find for me and Elite is something I will enjoy for years to come." -We love metal- "Deals Death submit a successful second album which, although still leaves enough room for qualitative growth, but in sum justifies the recommendation." "These young Swedes succeed with "Elite" but almost the balancing act between tradition and modernity, especially but - to deliver impressive mature, compositionally sophisticated and quite complex, varied album that should have fanboys of the old school as well as modern melodic death metal aficionados in for a treat" "DEALS DEATH prove that you can muster in an almost dangerous polished genre with the right fit is still fresh" "Groovy riffcombos, driving drums, a couple of successful keyboard melodies and catchy, energetic vocals of Olle Ekman finished an album that recalls the best of the good old days when such catchy riffs, haunting melodies and rousing choruses like "Collapse" or the video track "Fortified" could freak out discos and clubs." -Terrorverlag- "If you are going to buy just ONE melodic death metal album then Deals Death is my number one tip! I have a hard time seeing enyone else releasing a better album in 2012." -Metalcentral- "Its melodic death metal out to the fingertips." -Joyzine- "Conclusion: Surprises are always nice and even better they are when they are really good too. Deals Death is not only "good" but ingenious." -Timeformetal- "Fresh-looking songs - the sound is great! Deals Death is recommended all the disciples of the Swedish Melodic Death Metal genré" -Heavy Hardes"

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