JA (Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard), VA (Drums), W (Vocals), K (Bass), Gabriel (Drums), Aion (Vocals), Mike (Drums), JM (Vocals, Bass), V.J. (Guitar), J.B. (Drums), Sono (Drums), Mestre (Bass), Nuno (Guitar), Jorge (Vocals)

The band started in 1990 when JA (vox/guitars) and Nuno (guitars), tired of senselless projects, decided to start a band with real goals.

With Pedro on drums and Carlos on bass, the first songs start to be composed. Latter, Jorge joined on vocals.

The first official release was the demo "Thus Revelead" from 1992; before that, several rehearsal tapes were sent throughout the Underground to spread the word. Twelve albums have been unleashed so far, by different labels, plus several EP's, splits, tapes, LP's....

Old School Black Metal.

LUSITANIAN BLACK FUCKING METAL Spreading the message since 1990.