Decaying Purity

Decaying Purity
Mustafa Gürcalioglu (Vocals, Guitar), Serkan Niron (Vocals), Onur Gazioðlu (Drums), Malik Çamlica (Vocals, Bass)

Brutal Death Metal band Decaying Purity formed in 2005 in Istanbul/Turkey by Mustafa Gürcalioğlu (guitar) and Onur Gazioğlu (drums).

After previous changes of members, Malik Çamlıca (bass) joined the band. The band that passed the summer of 2006 in writing songs kept searching for a vocal. After different searches Serkan Niron (vocal) joined the band and recorded 3 tracks demo in 2006.

They released their first album ''Phases of Dimensional Torture'' released in 2008 by Grotesque Productions from Spain. The album has received so many good reviews and it re-released with a new artwork and 3 bonus tracks by Sevared Records in 2010 from USA. January 2011 they started to work on writing new songs and recorded their 3rd album ''The Existence of Infinite Agony'' which released also by Sevared records in july, 2011. The band played some gigs in Turkey and Europe between 2011 and 2012 and wrote songs for their 3rd album in the meantime.

In 2013 the band stepped up the pace and by the end of the year the 3rd album was fully written. In January 2014 , the recording of “Malignant Resurrection Of The Fallen Souls” was completed, and the album was released by Sevared Records again in April 2014. They played at some festivals and shows in Europe in 2015-2016 and started to work on the 4th album in the begining 2017..