Deeds Of Flesh

Deeds Of Flesh
Ivan Munguia (Bass [since 2012], Arkaik, Brain Drill, Deconversion, Insanity, Vomit Trough, ex-Odious Mortem, ex-Carnivorous), Craig Peters (Vocals, Guitar [since 2011], ex-Arkaik), Mike Hamilton (Drums [since 1999], Exhumed, ex-Vile), Erik Lindmark (Vocals, Guitar [since 1993], ex-Charlie Christ, ex-Disgorge (USA)), Joey Heaslet (Drums [1993-1996] [1998-1999]), Brad Palmer (Drums [1996-1998], ex-Scythe (USA)), Jim Tkacz (Guitar [1998-1999], ex-Vile), Derek Boyer (Bass [1998], Deprecated, Suffocation (USA), ex-Criminal Element, ex-Decrepit Birth, ex-Disgorge (USA), ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Vital Remains), Erlend Caspersen (Bass Spawn Of Possession, ex-Blood Red Throne, Hideous Deformity, The Allseeing I, Vile, ex-Decrepit Birth, ex-Dismal Euphony, ex-Emeth, ex-Unspoken Names), Sean Southern (Guitar [2005-2011]), Corey Athos (Vocals [2011-2012], Flesh Consumed, Hydrocephalic, ex-Lacerated), Steve Shalaty (Drums Immolation, ex-Odious Sanction, ex-At No End), Jacoby Kingston (Vocals, Bass [1993-2007]), Jared Deaver (Guitar [1999-2001], ex-Infanticide, ex-Impaled (USA), ex-Mucus Membrane, ex-Severed Savior)

We started in 1993 and have 9 releases.

As MOD once said "Short but Sweet"..

Broooootal, extreme, technical death metal.

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