A. "Melaskhole" Burns (aka RH) (Vocals, Programming [since 2006], founder member), Razor (aka Macabre) (Vocals session member, Pustota, Fall (PL), Fluctus), Ky (Bass), Dy (Guitar, Programming session member), BG (Vocals session member), J.N. (aka Hètre) (Vocals, Guitar Triste, ex-Throne Ablaze, ex-Towering), M.v.K (aka Malignus) (Bass SUNDS, Flagellum Dei, Nihilum, WOUND, Cold Floor To Embrace, ex-Vermen), Zyklonus (Guitar), Lord Exetheris (Vocals, Guitar Goat Phallus, Exetheris, Tower Of Evil, Beithir, Acid Orchid, Voidmen, Annihilation Command, HIOB, Freude), Trist (All instruments Trist, Life Is Pain), Daniel "Vrangsinn" Salte (Bass Carpathian Forest, Hatepulse, World Destroyer, Nattefrost, Secht, Neetzach, Krypt), A. Morbid (Vocals, Guitar Withering Night, Transitus Mortalis, Happy Days, Nostalgie, Final Thoughts, ex-Secretly In Pain), Mura Hachigu (Programming), Rufusled (Programming), A.O.S Heirdrain (Vocals, Guitar Divine Darkness, Dunguaire, Hécatombe Humaine, Heirdrain, Transitus Mortalis, Sche'ôl, Bloody Wrath, Esprit Dérangé)

Started as duo by Trist and Rh- in November 2006.

In 2007 Trist left and A. Morbid joined as member.

Then he left in 2008. During 2008 and 2009 the project continued with Rh- and many guest and session members. In November 2009 Rh- decides to split-up the project, but since January 2010 Deep-pression are active again as duo, with Rh- and ky as only permanent members. Now working as duo again with Rh- and Gulnar from black metal acts liek Illness and A.H.P..

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