Michel Bärzén (Bass [since 2000], founder member, Sonic Syndicate, ex-Septima), David Szücs (Guitar [since 2000], founder member, ex-Septima), Anders Nyström (Guitar [since 2004], Engel, ex-Septima, ex-Monoscream, ex-In Grey), Mikael Sehlin (Vocals [since 2003], Engel), Amit Mohla (Drums [since 2012], Raid (SWE)), Kenneth Helgesson (Drums [2000-2012], founder member, ex-Septima), Fredrik Johansson (Vocals [2000-2003], ex-Septima), Jesper Bronner (Guitar [2002-2004], ex-Septima)

Jesper Strömblad from IN FLAMES took notice of them with their demo album Death Row and offered Degradead to work with him.

Degradead took their chance and went down to Gothenburg and recorded their debut "Til Death Do Us Apart" in IF Studios. The album was produced by a team calling themselves H.O.R.D.E, mixed and engineered by Björn Gelotte and co-engineered by Jesper Strömblad, Daniel Svensson and Peter Iwers.

Result of the recordings is a piece of finest Melodic Death Metal finding the perfect balance between Death, Thrash and catchy melodies, with their already very own signature. Jesper Strömblad announces them as The Future of Metal and he knows what hes talking about! .

The trade mark of the Stockholm based Degradead is Melodic Death Metal with a taste of Thrash, melodic chorusses and heavy guitars.