Demonic Christ

Demonic Christ
Josh Freemon (Bass), David Swanson (Guitar), Scott Pletcher (Drums), Dana Duffey (Vocals, Guitar ex-Mythic), Desekrator (Drums session member, Teratism), Gilles de Rais (Bass session member, Teratism, Evil God), Darren Morgenthaler (Drums session member), Jon Vesano (Vocals, Guitar ex-Darkmoon (USA), ex-Nile), Duane Brown (Drums), Lord Imperial (Bass live member), Aragon Amori (Bass died 1996, session member, Contrivisti, ex-Profanatica, ex-Blood Thirsty Death), Chuck Brummond (Bass)

1992 - DEMONIC CHRIST was formed by Dana Duffey (Satania) after the demise of the all female death/doom band Mythic.

Although just a concept at the time... Demonic Christ was born. 1993 - "Deceiving The Heavens" demo was released.

Aragon Amori (RIP) of Profanatica handled bass duties. The tape was spread throughout the underground with the help of Osmose Productions in Europe and Wild Rags Records in the USA.

Roughly 600 copies were produced and sold or traded. 1995 - "Punishment For Ignorance" CD was released on Morbid Granny Records/Moribund Records. In late 1995 a 2 song Promo Tape was released with the songs "Nocturnal Empire" and "Passing of the Storms". 1996 - Demonic Christ decided to expand their sound by adding a second guitarist.

Late 1996 another 2 song promo tape including "Blut Und Ehre" and "Witches Fall" was released. 2000 - "Demonic Battle Metal" and was released on Cryonics Records. It is very rare being that the pressing was limited to 250 hand numbered copies. 2001 - "Demonic Battle Metal" was released on Picture Disc format on Painkiller Records.

This is an extremely limited press of 300. 2005 - "Punishment For Ignorance" and "Demonic Battle Metal" were re released on US label Remastered, with new booklets, live tracks and videos. 2006 - Painkiller Records released the Picture Disc version of "Punishment For Ignorance".

Strictly limited to 500 copies with artwork by Nornagest (Enthroned). After 10 years without a new release, two new tracks were recorded in December 2006 at the legendary Noise Farm Studio in TX with Gilles de Rais (Teratism, Evil God) on bass and Desekrator (Teratism) on drums.

Neither track has been professionally released to date as original plans fell through. 2007 - Shed the dark light for the first live performance in 10 years at the Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Fest VII in San Antonio, TX on 2-24-07. After a 6 year hiatus from live shows DEMONIC CHRIST played at the Cathedral of the Black Goat Festival Vol. 3 in Chicago, IL on March 30, 2013 as well as Martyrdoom Fest in NYC in June 2013. I November 2013 DEMONIC CHRIST embarked on a mini tour of the northeast concluding the tour in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the Messe des Morts Festival! DEMONIC CHRIST has recorded 2 new songs, one of which will appear on a split EP with HORNA on Hammer of Hate Records in 2014. Currently Dana is writing material for the upcoming album "The Great Purge" to be released on Hell's Headbanger's Records in 2016. DEMONIC CHRIST will play their first European show at this year's Black Flames of Blasphemy Fest in Helsinki, Finland! Nov, 14-15, 2014. 2015 - A new line up has been put together and is probably the strongest line up of the bands career! The forthcoming full length album titled "The Great Purge" to be released on Hells Headbangers Records is almost finished being written and will be released in Spring of 2016.

Cover art done by Paolo Girardi. Many festival dates approaching including Hells Headbash in Cleveland, OH in September, a 3 day headlining mini tour in Mexico in December including a festival in Guadalajara, Maryland Deathfest May 2016 and Destroying Texas in Houston - June 2016 have all been confirmed! All booking inquiries should be referred to:

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