Demorian (SWE)

Demorian (SWE)
Alltears (aka Bullfon) (All instruments Corpestor, Tragic Serenade, ex-Curse (SWE)), Satanic Tony (Vocals, All instruments Camazotz, Tragic Serenade, Affliction (SWE), Corpestor, Wintercold, Equinox (SWE), Killteam, Curse Of Wotan, ex-Curse(SWE))

Band started first back in 2001 with the name of Curse (changed in 2007).

After many years of silence the band started up the activity more seriously in january 2007. And have after that done two official demos/promos and have been on splits and some compilations.

In september 2009 the long awaited debut album "Back To The Glorious Past" was released by Azermedoth Records and Salute Records as a co-production. Second album will come out during 2010 on a malaysian label called "Vikingpath".

Music is described as a epic experimental way of pagan black metal with some touch of death metal inside. Influences is much old school black metal and death bands.

Bands like Bathory, Nokturnal Mortum, Burzum, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Witchfinder General, Triskelon, Samael, Kovenant, Count Raven, Anthropolatri, Immortal, My Dying Bride, Apraxia, Sodom and Tiamat is some of the influences in the band..

We are a experimental band that combines many different metal genres and sub-genres, but have the roots in older black and death metal and also some earlier doom metal as well. You that listen decides what the hell it is "not us" :)