Desecration (UK)

Desecration (UK)
Andi Morris (Bass Mulch, Funeral For A Friend, ex-Amputated), Ollie Jones (Vocals, Guitar session member, Amputated, Extreme Noise Terror), Mic Hourihan (Drums Extreme Noise Terror, Tigertailz), Lee Evans (Guitar), Glenn Thomas (Guitar), John Young (Bass), Julian Hay (aka Jules) (Guitar ex-Parricide (UK)), Paul Arlott (Guitar), Pete Davies (Bass Ghast, ex-Mulch), Jason Davies (Drums), John Wagner (Guitar)

Formed in 1993 and after just one demo ‘Mangled Remains’ DESECRATION recorded their debut album ‘Gore & Perversion’ (1995), which was banned upon release! The artwork AND lyrics led the band to their arrest under the Obscene Publications Act.

A one year court case was eventually dropped but they were warned to ‘tone down’ in the future. A Norwegian record label later released this album with a censored cover. Naturally, after lying low for a short period of time, they were offered a contract with Copro Records and hit back with ‘Murder in Mind’ (1998), an album with similar content but with mild artwork and unprinted lyrics.

This even included a track called ‘A Message to the Censors’. A three week American tour was next and an appearance on the Texas Metalfest. After inevitable line-up changes, ‘Inhuman’ (2000) was released.

The band performed a European tour and European festivals and shows, sharing the stage with bands such as NILE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL etc. In 2002, the fourth album was released ‘Pathway To Deviance’. During the same studio session ‘Gore & PerVersion 2’ was recorded.

It was a great idea as this time Ollie and Mic recorded it faster, heavier and better as a better band would! This came out in 2003. 2005 brought ‘Process of Decay’, the critically acclaimed concept album depicting in detail the decomposition of a corpse, which got rave reviews in many magazines. A UK tour with VADER, another with SUFFOCATION and gigs with DEICIDE, NAPALM DEATH, BEHEMOTH followed along with a new label contract.

Andi joined the band at this time and shortly after Ollie and eventually Mic, and Andi would join punk grinders EXTREME NOISE TERROR. In 2008 the band headed back to the studio to record ‘Forensix’ for Metal Age Productions. This album took the band all over Europe, including many festivals such as OBSCENE EXTREME, INFERNO, DEATHFEAST and BLOODSTOCK. In many people’s eyes, Desecration became UK Death metal legends AKA “The Welsh Death Metal Bastards”.

Over the last few years they have performed headline shows mostly in UK but also some shows in Russia and Asia. Mic recently joined UK thrash outfit ONSLAUGHT, meaning all members were busy! It’s been a long time coming but at last, 2014 sees the band better themselves again with a brand new album, CEMETERY SICKNESS, their second for Metal Age Productions with a controversial cover, explicit lyrics and kick ass tracks such as ‘Cabletie Castrator’, ‘Cut up and Fed to the Dog’ and ‘Coffin Smasher’ (for the first time with an official promo video!).

Welsh Death Metal Bastards