Redouane (Vocals), Aziz (Bass), Fetus (Drums), Morbid Desecrator (Vocals, Guitar)

-2006 saw the creation of DEVAST, its two founding members are no other than: Idir (Morbid Desecrator) collaborate with several bands such as SACCARAT (2003); DEADSTONE (2005), THE CULT OF SATANACHIA (2006). HELLSPAWNBLASTER: former drummer of KULT OF THE SATANACHIA (1999), BARBAROS (2001), RAHDJ (2003), DEADSTONE (2003). These founding members who already have extensive experience in the Algerian Metal scene. In summer 2006 A.

AZIZ joined Devast, himself having participated in many projects including VOMYGORE ,and became an official member which gave the band stability in its line up. DEVAST plays a very complex and sophisticated style, than we can define by TECHNICAL BRUTAL DEATH METAL with a progressive touch sought in apocalyptic themes and dark-deep topics. The first steps of Devast were with participation in LELAHEL FEST 2006 (The biggest Metal event in Algeria) including BLOODYSIGN (FR) and LITHAM (ALG). In the following months Devast has continued to give gigs and recorded its first demo DELUGE OF HATE (beginning 2007) and a split 5 ways with RECTALIZED RECORDS (FR). -It was in summer 2007 that Devast has undergone another change with the departure of HELLSPAWNBLASTER and in the meantime, the arrival of a session drummer.Devast recorded its debut album ART OF EXTERMINATION wich was was produced by DEEPSEND RECORDS ( USA). -Early 2008 REDOUANE AOUAMEUR ; bassist-vocalist of LITHAM and CARNAVAGE (Algerian grindcore band) integrates DEVAST as an official vocalist.

The new line up began an professional career on a solid foundation. With this new forged line up the band approached to show itself in many live gigs and places of ALGERIA. -2010-2011 : DEVAST kept showing on many acts along their national land, in occasions such as BONE METALFEST and TIZI METAL FEST both in 2011 and also their national tour including 10 dates along the country, with their album release initiave. Along these dates and many more, DEVAST kept working as well on new ideas and material. -2012 : Takes the band to a stand by due to different situations ocurring in each members live, a split up was conceived following this.

Most of the band still residing in ALGERIA and attending other proyects, Idir being the only one who left to travel to Southamerica helding different motives including tour experience, work and studies.It is while he courses a Musical production career where he meets FRANK SANCHEZ ( Draconum Oth ) : Extreme metal musician from Dominican Republic who is also in the experience of working and studying in a foreign country. Frank had worked witch acts of his country such as Exsanguination Throne and Apofis Imn, on live sound assistance and performing bass strings in the last.And now behind the drums The union of Idir and Frank led to the idea of resuming DEVAST destiny- Arranging the ideas of new material and further studio work.

-In 2014 the missing Vocalist subject that was holding them in the revival process was resolved with ' Mario Zhang' vox of Victimario, (Incorporeal), friend of Idir from the Argentina metal scene joining the band.This fact charged the new trio with the neccesary strength to undergo the studio process, filling the needed spot to let DEVAST become a band who could play live again and also adding Mario sick Vox style which makes him known of and at the same time giving Idir the necessary assist behind the strings detonation. -2013: The band releases a new single and projection of a new album, this single titled ''Radical Excurciation Concept'', was be released at end of 2013, giving the band a first insight and face of the new line up. Following this DEVAST starts to perform gigs at the local buenos aires scene including the capital of the same and the provinces outside the city, at this time Gore House Productions contacts DEVAST interested in working with them hands the signing a release/merchandise contract -2014: This year was of full performances and studio working for the band making Devast a familiary band of the Argentinian scene and at the same time projecting once again their International view of Brutal/Tech Metal movement.

Idir and frank worked very hard on the album preparations and Markos Guevara joins in the right moment to give them a hand with the vocals duty for live gigs and studio job, at the end of 2014 Devast had many shows on different known places for venues of B.A such Speed King, Vadenuevo Bar, Touch and Go bar, Intimo Bar, Melonio Bar... -2015: Nicolas Soto joins the Trio as Bassist Mutating it to a 4 Piece and Currently the band have released a new full length tittled Into Decimated Reality followed with a Studio Clip of a single of the album. Unfornately following this Markos had to leave the band for personal reasons leaving the band again as a trio but not for too long until Tenebris Torgic joins and freshens the four piece madness of Devast, line up fulfilled and with a national tour being on the way Devast is stronger than ever.

The Band also prepares new work for what might be fall/winter of 2015! Stay tuned! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discography ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Deluge of Hate :Demo Year : 2007 Label : (Autoprod) -Split: 5-way split Year2007 Label : Rectalized Records -Art of Extermination : Full-length Year : 2008 Label :Deepsend Records ( ) -Radical Excruciation Concept 2 Track Demo Year:2013 Label: Carnal Productions(Independent) Mixed/Mastered by Tsun Tsun Productions -Into Decimated Reality Year:2015 Label:Gore House Productions(USA) -Apocalyptic Human Extinction Year:2016 Label:Gore House Productions(USA) -Alianza Criminal ( Split ) Year:2016 Label: Visceral Records , Catáfila Producciones. Past members : -Fetus ,Drums :2007-2009 (Swan) -Redouane Aouameur, Vocals:2008-2011 (Carnavage, @Lelahell, ex-Neanderthalia, ex-Litham) -A. Aziz,BASS : 2006-2011 (Ex-Vomigore ) -Hellspawn Blaster, Drums:2006-2007 (Barbaros, Lelahell, ex-The Kult ov Satanåchiîa, ex-Orcus (live) -Moh Strogg , drums :2006-2007 -SlaveBlaster,Drums (2009-2010) See also: Barbaros, ex-The Kult ov Satanåchiîa, ex-Orcus (live) -Amine (Joe),Bass : Live -2011 -Ramon Ruiz ( R.E.S.O) : 2013-2013 -Martin Flores ( GURGLECTOMY) : Late 2013 - 2014 -Mario Zhang ( VICTIMARIO ) : 2014 session -Markos Guevara (Old Glory, Angkor) : 2014-2015 -Nicolas Soto - 2015 -Frank Sanchez - 2012 - 2016 -Gabriel Kanamith - 2016 - Tenebris - 2016

Apocalyptic and destructive concept of the human world !!!