Devil Sold His Soul

Devil Sold His Soul
Paul Kitney (Keyboard), Jonny Renshaw (Guitar), Richard Chapple (Guitar), Leks Wood (Drums), Jozef Norocky (Bass), Paul Green (Vocals The Arusha Accord), Ed Gibbs (Vocals), Dave Robinson (Drums), Iain Trotter (Bass), Tom Harriman (Drums)

A Fragile Hope Press: Kerrang!: "...a devastatingly apocalyptic record that defiantly stands out...

Thrilling, unique and utterly brilliant." KKKK (4/5) Rock Sound: "Lie down before you listen to Devil Sold His Soul, as they're extremely overwhelming... Listen for a truly speaker-shuddering experience." (8/10) Q Magazine: "This is weighty, furrowed-brow art-metal, by turns bleak, beautiful and brutal as it swells with volume and density...

moody souls will appreciate its oppressive gravitas." (3/5) Big Cheese Magazine: "This is British Metal that deserves to be recognised..." (4.5/5) Terrorizer: "... If there is one thing you do this year then buy this album because it is monumentally brilliant..." (9/10) Live Press: Kerrang!: Devil Sold His Soul, Collision Course Festival 06: KKKKK (5/5) "...Devil Sold His Soul turn out divinely crafted squalls of noise that turn knees to jelly..." Total Guitar: Feb Issue 2007 "...British metal has never sounded so bloody good..." Kerrang!: Devil Sold His Soul, The Great Escape Festival 06: KKKK (4/5) "...Their forthcoming album is already showing potential to be truly astounding..." Metal Hammer!: Devil Sold His Soul, BloodFest 2007, Nottingham: (9/10) "...Totally Captivating!" Darkness Prevails Press: Kerrang!: "...They may well be the UKs answer to TOOL an essential purchase!" KKKK Metal Hammer: "...Darkness Prevails is fascinating, charismatic, taking the whole concept of structured noise deeper and deeper into the twilight zone..." (7/10) Big Cheese: "...Absolutely mind-blowing, every arrangement is perfection in itself and every single song is completely unique and individual..." (5/5) Rock Sound: "...Big, structured, heavy songs that growl and screech mercilessly before soaring into the heavens, taking your conscious with em." (8/10) .

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