John Boy Bastard (Bass), Roland Navratil (Drums ex-Sirenia, ex-Leaves' Eyes, ex-Atrocity, ex-Edenbridge), Frank Pitters (Keyboard), Søren Adamsen (Vocals ex-Artillery), Phil Porter (Guitar Siren's Cry), Jake E (Vocals Amaranthe, Dreamland, ex-Dream Evil), Martin Mayr (Guitar ex-Edenbridge)

2006 DIGNITY was found in fall 2006 by drummer Roland Navratil and keyboarder Frank Pitters. At that time Roland was member of the band Edenbridge with whom he recorded five studio albums and one live album.

Martin Mayr and John Boy Bastard completed the DIGNITY line up. Martin and Frank knew each other for years.

They both played in the band Invictus and recorded a demo in 1999. In winter the band began working on the songs and finally recorded the first demos. 2007 In April the songs for the album “Project Destiny” were selected and the band started to search a matching vocalist.

Roland quit Edenbridge to focus on DIGNITY. In May the band started by recording drums, bass, and guitars at the “WildOneStudio“ in Vienna.

In the meantime they were rehearsing different vocalists but none of them seemed to fit the songs. At the end of the summer Martin finished his guitar studies at the university and focused on the band.

The Columbian artist Felipe Machado Franco took care of the script, the cover, and the artwork for “Project Destiny“. In October, the band found in the Swedish singer Jake E the perfect vocalist. While Jake worked on the lyrics and the vocal lines, Frank improved the keyboard sounds. 2008 In late January, early February Jake E came to Vienna and recorded the vocals.

In the end of February Roland and Frank went to Sweden to get the CD mixed by Jonas Kjellgren at the Black Lounge Studios. The mastering was done by Mika Jussila at the Finnvox Studio.

In summer DIGNITY signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. The album “Project Destiny” was released at the end of August in Europe.

North America and Japan followed in September and October the same year. 2009-2010 After playing some shows Martin decided to leave DIGNITY.

Phil Porter replaced him quickly so the songwriting for the second album could start. The band ends Songwriting in the end of 2009 and started recording drums in early 2010.

Due technical problems in the studio DIGNITY had to take a recording break for almost a year. Singer Jake E.

left the band. 2011 Recordings continued. Rhythm Guitars, Bass and Keyboards were recorded in the WildOneMusic Studios in Vienna.

During the recording process, the band searched for the ideal singer. 2012 New frontman was found in Søren Adamsen from Copenhagen. Vocal recordings started in July. In Designer Anthony Devine, DIGNITY found the perfect illustrator for the new Album..

Melodic Metal at its best!