Logan Muir III (Vocals, Bass [2004-2008] [since 2011], ex-Vassafor, ex-Streetkunt), Brendan "Atrociter" Southwell (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2004], ex-Cease To Exist, ex-Witchrist, ex-Entropy (NZ)), Cameron James Sinclair (Drums [since 2006], ex-Witchrist, ex-Aphelon, ex-Eldar VTB, ex-Heresiarch), J. Baldwin (Guitar [2011-2014] [since 2015], ex-Heresiarch), Adam Craft (Drums [2004-2005], ex-Entropy, ex-Vassafor), Kris Stanley (Vocals, Bass Stone Angels, ex-Sinistrous Diabolus, ex-Torturor, ex-Odiusembowel, ex-Witchrist, ex-Eviscerate (NZ), ex-Molested Entrails), Scott Bidwell (Guitar [2015]), Phil Kusabs (Vocals, Bass, Back Vocals [2006-2010], Temple Nightside, Terror Oath, Vassafor, ex-Sinistrous Diabolus, ex-Ulcerate, ex-Pseudogod, ex-Graymalkin)

This was the nineteenth year of the reign of Diocletian in Dystrus (which the Romans called March), when the feast of the saviour's passion was near at hand, and royal edicts were published everywhere, commanding that the churches Should be razed to the ground, the Scriptures destroyed by fire, those who held positions of honor degraded, and the household servants, if they persisted in the Christian profession, be deprived of their liberty.


Chaos Metal

Total War - Total Death