Mirko Rizzi (Drums, Keyboard), Fabrizio Palma (Bass), Mario Magnelli (Guitar, Keyboard), Alessia Corrao (Vocals)

DISCANTO was born in 1995 from the fusion of two previous bands from the Milan area.

Their goal from the start is creating original music that incorporate the members’ diverse influence: Savatage’s symphonic metal, the progressive metal represented by household names such as Ayreon, Threshold, Fates Warning, Queensryche and Dream Theater and a bit of Italian prog (PFM in particular). After an initial phase in which the italian language is used for they lyrics, the shift to english comes natural and the recording of their first demo tape in 1996 is appreciated both by the critics and the audience.

An intense live schedule sees them play many clubs and festivals earning the band stage experience and showmanship. In the following years a growth in sound quality and a variation in the line-up (which brings in the current four members) result in the recording of “DEMO 2003” which not only shows big steps forwards towards a more professional production, but also a big change in the overall sound, especially on tracks like “Confusion”.

This work will make N8 choose DISCANTO as their opening act for the “Reality/Fate 2004 tour”. Typical nu-metal guitar sounds and a use of electronics inspired by a band like Massive Attack embellish the metal core of the group creating an even more explosive mixture of power and melody.

The rhythm section plays grooves that are intricate but not cerebral, displaying a direct but sophisticated approach to music, also due to Mirko’s electronic/acoustic drumkit which, in its sonic carachteristics, reminds us of drummers like Neil Peart (RUSH) or Mark Zonder (Fates Warning). Alessia’s voice broadens her sound explorations, departing from the usual metal female singer cliché, so often shaped in the lyrical style.

In the end of 2004 the ZODIAC Project comes to light, a concept album inspired by the twelve zodiac signs: here the lyrics and the music take into examination the mythology, psychology and characteristics expressed by every constellations. The first part of the project, that is due in fall 2006 and which includes the tracks “Aries”, “Taurus”, “Gemini”, “Cancer”, “Leo” and “Virgo” will be presented in a pre-production form, hoping this will get the band a record deal ten years from their birth.


DISCANTO "A New Way In Progressive Metal"