Wrath (Vocals, Guitar Kampf (GRC), Grab, Nadiwrath, ex-Drunk Earth, ex-Drunk Motherfuckers, ex-Mortovatis), Neptunus (Bass Abyssgale, Terror Detonator, ex-Drunk Motherfuckers), Maelstrom (Drums session member, Cross Denied, Dephosphorus, End, Mentally Defiled, Nadiwrath, Nigredo, Principality Of Hell, Profane Prayer, Ravencult, Thou Art Lord), Nadir (Guitar Nadiwrath, Sad, ex-Stellar Darkness), Saevus Helcath (Guitar, Bass Acherontas, Devathorn, Warbled Arma, ex-Nargothrond), Skullblaster (Drums live member, Caedes Cruenta, Torture, ex-Divine Element, ex-Erebus Dominion, ex-Metalmorfosis, ex-Nadiwrath, ex-Warbled Arma), Archdievel (Drums), Synn (Vocals Deathville, Empire Of The Moon, ex-Gottlos, ex-Darkthule, ex-Eschaton, ex-Kampf (GRC)), Bacchus (Bass ex-Drunk Earth), Sardonic (Bass ex-Nadiwrath)

Dødsferd is an extremely raw black metal band from Athens, Greece.

They were formed in 2001 by Wrath as a one-man band. From 2009 continues as a full member band.

Hateful and uncompromising black metal against all!!! .